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Pimax 8K Series Heads Up! Pimax Team @Community @Heliosurge Early Backers The category is for early backer support.
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We created this category for answering questions from backers better

Dear Backers, We plan to create two category to solve issues and answer questions more efficiently(diversion of work): Have issue after received headset category for ** Sean.Huang; Doman.Chen; Alan.sun *(Tedch sup…

20 December 31, 2019
Half Life: Alyx will be included for FREE with Pimax purchased Index Controller Upgrades

All those who purchased Index Controller upgrades (both bundle and individual) will indeed receive Half Life: Alyx for free. The restrictions of the program are identical to the ones imposed by Valve (order must placed …

42 December 24, 2019
[Pimax 11th Mar Updated]Suggestions for Pimax

We are very appreciated for your support in the VR community forum. We will do our best to make you satisfied. We would like sincerely listen to all of your questions and suggestions, but we are currently busy with R&D a…

197 December 31, 2019
North American Support Center Contact Information

The North American Support Center is now open. You can email us at: na_support@pimaxvr.com or call at 407-567-7788. (Hours 9-5 EST M-F)

3 April 15, 2019
Code Of Conduct

Pimax together with VR enthusiasts & VR Community Members strive to shape the most immersive experience for all the VR enthusiasts. Upon using these forums community participants must adhere to the following rules: T…

4 April 8, 2019
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