$100 Coupon? How and when

I probably missed it, but now that I have the 5K+, where is the coupon? How will we receive it and when can it be used? BTW, I’m interested in the hand tracker unit…

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I am interested to know if the Leap Motion hand tracking module will work as the camera pass-through as on other HMDs like the Vive and SO+.


Details aren’t finalized yet but apparently they are just going to give out coupon codes (probably emailed).

$100 stretch goal coupon can be used for wireless module only

$100 8K to 5K+ downgrade coupon can only be used for accessories produced by Pimax. This notably excludes the hand tracker and basestations since they aren’t made by Pimax (although they do allow it to be combined with the wireless coupon). It also excludes Pimax headsets, since they aren’t accessories.

Perhaps the details have/will change but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Whoa, that’s news to me, and a bummer. Everyone seemed to be talking about using it for that.

Do you have a source?

Yeah, didn’t catch the “no hand tracker” deal. That sucks, and really leaves nothing to want. I’d rather have the cash refunded. Whats left other than doubling up on stretch goal stuff we already get. I don’t get this?

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I will subsidize the already subsidized wireless module with the 100$ coupon from switching to a 5K+. Having had wireless on my Vive Pro I’m extremely keen on cutting the tether.


It appears I was mistaken. They have it listed as “modules produced by Pimax” even though it is a third party product. The real problem is trying to remember all this stuff after 4+ months. Luckily they added the “Pimax-official” tags, so it was easier to find.


Continuing the discussion from Pimax 5K+/8K FAQ (updating):


Is there an update on when the two 100$ vouchers might arrive so we can purchase the controllers and base stations/wireless module with them?



Sorry… couldn’t resist


Its OK if there aren’t… i got my index controllers in last week =D

Just figured I’d ask. =P


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