12K-X aka Reality serie : Steam controler support without Valve sensor tracking faceplate


Hi Kevin, a suggestion here:

Would be nice if the Pimax Reality could have external Valve tracking controller support without the dedicated sensor face plate. Having much control over the vertical integration/development as Pimax have it should possible to link the current valve controllers in BT and make a fusion of the data with the camera inside-out tracking of the 12K headset. or a least give a strait forward setup procedure for OpenXR to calibrate and merge the 2 systems referential

All this in a much nicer and integrated way vs the current solution for headsets like the Reverb G2 for example…

In the event the faceplate get late into the market or simply to make your new series more affordable for the mass ( just a little…)



yeah that would be a very good thing, hope this too

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