12th August Update - Discussion

@anon23564932 Could you please describe:

  • headset version (M1 or M2, 5K or 8K)
  • basestations (V1 or V2, how many)
  • controllers (Vive, others)
  • PC config
  • VR games/apps

you will have at the demo in Berlin?

I consider going there, but I need to know, what do you plan to show there before I make the decision.


Obviously the M2, as well as the 5K, that has been confirmed already.
Regarding games, she’s already answered that too:

There are lots of great VR games on the list, we cannot demo them all, but we will share the games via email before the meetup.

They’ve had v2 pimax style basestations for a while as well (prototypes)
Final pimax controllers aren’t ready yet so expect the vive clone controllers
PC, dunno but expect gtx1080 laptop


Exactly my thoughts, too.

Although VR experience already might be very good and immersive with “candy” games such as Lucky tales or fruit ninja, I really like to compare my so-far-4K-experience with a bit more “serious” games - Elite Dangerous, Project Cars, Skyrim, Apollo 11 VR, Euro/American Truck Simulator or the like… Would be a bit disappointing if I’d spend a whole day going there and back, and in the end, it’s just 20 minutes or half an hour of “kiddie” “candy” game…
Might also like Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Eve: Valkyrie, Moss, Talos Principle VR, Eagle Flight, The Climb.

Waiting for the detailed e-Mail to come :slight_smile:


I missed the confirmation of M2 and 5K, do you have the link?

For the games, well, if they share it by email right before the even, it does not really help me to take the decision and I am not interested in “fruit ninja” :slight_smile:

Considering the PC config, so far I am not sure they even had beefy PC at the show, so expecting one without explicit confirmation is also a bit risky for me, GTX1080 in the laptop is quite a different from the desktop version, and I doubt many from this audiance plan to run Pimax out of the laptop.

Do you consider going?

I will do my best to join the meetup in Berlin!


One of the questions lists 5k version.


Greymane ninja’d me; indeed point 2 on that thread states so. And the fact that it’s an M2 should be obvious mate :smiley:

My guess that it’s gonna be a gtx 1080 laptop is because that’s what they’ve used before; and it’s maybe like 5% slower than a dekstop 1080, it’s really not a huge difference. It’ll be slower as a whole than what a desktop could be, sure. But dragging around a desktop, mouse, keyboard, monitor and cables is far less practical.

So I’m guessing @mixedrealityTV and @VoodooDE will be there…? And sweviver probably too. Will these guys have NDA or…?

Not for whatever they see at the meetings… But how they will split their minds from what they know from their own testing, and the meetups… That’s anyone’s guess lol. That’s why it’s so silly that it seems like Pimax wants to keep the NDA…


You can’t if talking live, they are educated beyond that. Not unless they rehearse every sentence that is.

Lol they can say what they want at meetings but they are still under NDA to post online.

So technically SweViver can write an entire review, documenting his hundreda of hours using the device, hand it to me at the Backer Meet up and I can post it online for him ?

@SweViver please reply to the guy @MildlyConfused. Im curious af too.

Lol, I think you guys are reading too much into what was said. At face value, it means that backers can give their impressions of the M2 demo as they won’t be under any NDA. The testers did sign NDA, therefore won’t be able to chime in.

Seems pretty simple to me.


There seems to be some confusion about how they want the meetup to go and i hope i won’t be adding to it but here is what i think they want it to go.

Backer go to the meet up are free to talk about everything while there and afterward on the forum here to help them work on problem you might have seen. They are expecting the participant to not do any kind of review and they want you to post your issue with your backer number so they know that you where there and that your worries are legitimate.

The current tester can go to the meetup and talk about the current state of the headset with fellow backer but will not answer anything about what they tested so far or anything concerning the past iteration of the headset. They still wont be able to make a review of it because it “might” not be the last iteration and they will be as a backer able to talk about the meetup here on the forum to help with more fine tuning.

Now I’m not saying in anyway that thing will go this smoothly and if i missed something feel free to add.



To have a reliable test of M2 I suggest this method.

We split games in three lists

    for example
    Elite Dangerous,
    Arizona Sunshine,
    Star Trek Bridge Crew

Backers says what are the most famous vr title
They are all installed on the HD at Berlin
So with this group we have a first valutation of M2

    for example

    This is to test M2 when a backer buy a new title that Pimax has not worked on it
    I think three games are ok for this test.

7+3 = 10

  1. Ordinary games: all the games that are not in 1) and 2)
    for example:
    The climb
    This is to test games that are less installed by backers and had little work by Pimax to improve stability

It’s Pimax to make the list and then backers take five titles

So I am asking to Pimax to install 15 games at Berlin to try M2

Good Work


my understand is they will be able to give their impressions on their experience with the m2 at the event. as in, they can talk about their experiences with the M2 that occurred at the event, on their channels. Just as anyone who attends event can talk about their experience at the event on any platform.


Any news on starvr?.. Hoping they might have a consumer hmd… It’s the 14th today

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from 19.30 CET it begins

Juni - September 4 months of testing, if not even longer !!

One would really think you could have moved your star discussion to the general topic section where it belongs…

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