12th August Update - Discussion

Oculus still maintains that they have a 110 degree FOV even if it never comes even close to that.


Okay, that’s reasonable. Could you however please (if possible) give us an answer on the long discussion in this thread:
Will testers still have NDA for their M2 tests? (both at the meetups and their private testing?)


part of me wants to fly out to berlin to see this thing , but honestly having testers and backers able to speak freely about it will serve same purpose and save a coupe hundred quid. XD.


Finally an answer! thanks for the official confirmation many have been after for weeks.


Yeah, sometimes you have to keep yourself under control.

It doesn’t make sense to bash HTC for charging their insane price for the Vive Pro, which would be say 300-400,- above the price we would have liked to see, but then go out and spend that exact amount just to be allowed to check out an HMD for 20 minutes or so… :joy:


Eventually we will make UX good enough for everyone.
It requires to tweak some settings now to utilize the best possible experience.
Will make videos for backers, also it’s one of the reason why we hold the backer meetup.

Added answers to the stretch goal and meetup:


@anon23564932 could please put also one line in there for the basestations? I wonder if V2 is ready. It will be quite important almost as much as the headset to get the basestations as soon as possible.

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Estimated to have the first batch of base stations ready by Oct.


Have you got an updated eta for the controllers yet ?

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not yet, but controller will be a priority.


That’s great. Thanks for answering


i think with backer number 215 i have a quite low number, but i pledged for the full package. since i dont have any vive and no vive controllers/base stations, i need all the stuff together otherwise i will not have so much fun with my pimax 8k.

Without any base station there is no tracking or is there inside-out tracking included so i can use the headset at least for games like project cars or watching 360/or 180) degree videos?

i read something about inside out tracking on the kickstarter page but i’m not sure if it will be included now or not.


The headset will still work with rotational & up n down. The pimax 4k functions like this.

Sit down games with standard game controller (eg xb1) & videos will be fine.

I think if you purchased hand tracking module it might ship with headset. Would need to ask @anon23564932 for confirmation


@anon23564932, Has an option to forgo basestations, controllers & all stretch goals in exchange for best lenses possible been discussed internally?

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You mean you want to swap your “full pack” to one with only the hmd but which has hand-made lenses?

Why would they do that? That would mean there would need to be separate production for hand-made lenses / hmd’s…
There really is no reason I can see why this would ever be a good idea.

In any case, thanks Xunshu for all the answers added to the FAQ, much obliged!
So 31/08 there will be a few beta testers in Berlin who will be the first to test the M2. After that, you’ll be able to decide on the NDA. Sounds great!

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Good for those whom backed when the lenses were praised.

Now, not so much.

Yeah i backed because many people liked the lens and say good about fov. We know now that the fov its 170 but at least its the same size that backers saw. But the lens quality its much worst. Lets see what people will talk about m2.

@anon23564932 Can you elaborate please? Will the 8K be sold as a consumer device?.

Maybe this is just a translation thing because consumers are the general public regardless if they are enthusiasts or not.

I ask because I want to make sure this is not going to turn into a product at 5 x the KS price.

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@CMM if the lenses are really that bad then when released Pimax will have much bigger problem then to make custom lenses for you as they will be torched alive on the internet.

The real question is if the final design/configuration/lenses will be acceptable for most. I guess people who had a chance to experience V2 lenses (as V3 at CES turned out to be a disaster) as @Heliosurge, @SweViver and others, might be able to judge the quality of the new lenses and compare them to the old ones about which everyone was more or less happy, but even them will still have hard times to draw any conclusion from that as it is already long time V2s have been demoed and at the time V2s were demoed there were only like two titles being shown - Fruit Ninja nad Blue - so what if the original V2 lenses had other problems which were just masked by choosing those demos (eg. insane god rays, or color aberration)?

Only Pimax knows and they will not tell, besides it does not matter anymore. I guess the only option is wait and see. Eventually, if it turns out to be a flop, we will be screwed, but Pimax will suffer much more, there will be no further reason to continue with the product, just write-off the loss. If it turns out to be acceptable, but not to yours, or my liking, we could probably sell the package without any trouble to someone else. If it turns out good it will be win-win.


I totally agree. I can assure you that I have made it clear to Pimax: either they make an excellent product and rise to the top of the VR world as the best, or they piss off the only ones who support them and end up closing down, not only because of lack of sales of Pimax 8Ks, but also because they lose confidence in everything else they put on the market.