144Hz small FOV and 120Hz Normal FOV for Pimax 5K+

With good support from our valued customers and the community. Pimax team will always try our best to extend the potential of VR if there has.
We’re planning to release a new firmware for 5K+ users testing

  1. 144Hz in Small FOV (tentative).
  2. 120Hz in Normal FOV.

Can you make the 120Hz small fov look like 90Hz small fov?
Not like an egg shape, old shape is better.

I think 120Hz is enough, but I don’t like the egg shape. So I still use 90Hz because it look better.

Edit : It look we already got this feature.


cc Well done Nice ! :fire:.


thank you, very nice! Good to see that Pimax is extending 5k+ even further. Awesome!


Please prepare Pimax 5k Super up to 240 hz in normal fov !
Just kidding. This is awsome news for all existing 5k users (203, 204 at least)


Really awesome news for all 5K+ users, was not even aware of this! :slight_smile:


That’s probably what the normal mode 120hz will look like , I like the small 120hz mode personally because I can crank up the supersampling for quite a good image

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Didn’t we already have 120hz at normal fov though? I mean I was def playing the forest vr at 120fps at normal fov. Would you mean by any chance large fov? As always, thank you for your commitment to bring the bleeding edge to us!

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120hz at normal fov , works sometimes for me too but not consistently , think it must be the way I hold my mouth

What do you guys think to adding postprocessing injection support to Pitool? It would be a killer feature that would really seperate you from the pack. Most current post processing injectors don’t work in VR direct display mode.

Also. Thanks for the Hz feature and continuing to push the limits!

Your willingness to incorporate cool stuff is probably the main reason i’m loyal to Pimax.


I’m confused.

In 90hz mode Wide and Normal for me have rounded sides like a racing helmet. I like this, it feels natural and immersive.

In 90hz mode small and in 120hz Normal and small the framing has clipped edges. It has round corners with flat sides. I really dislike this and I wish every mode had similar framing to the 90hz Wide and Normal or at least 120hz Normal was similar with rounded sides.

Is yours different to this?

I also saw a 202 owner suggest the 110hz mode for him was the same as 90hz Normal. If so I am jealous. I would rather have 110hz looking identical to 90hz Normal than have a smaller and clipped 120hz.



Will this Pitool release also add support for other refresh rates when used with a 5700XT?

I can currently only use 90hz mode and I’d really like the same refresh rate options as other users.

Hi @PimaxVR

This is great news, looking forward to testing :grinning:

For my 1070, small fov is the best fov which I can boot super sampling and get the best quality of graphic and less distortion.

But I test beat saber last night ,it look small fov not much different from normal fov while I can see more different by oculus dream deck.

Still not try normal fov with higher gpu. But 120hz fov look like and egg shape and if it can’t make the fov look like normal fov, at least I need it to look like small fov.

What firmware and Pitool version are you running?

It seems depending on the firmware version we might have different experiences.

I use both of this, I think firmware shoud be 248, but I try to use this firmware although it specific to use with other serial number (I have 203 serial)

Are you sure you are using FW262? That is not meant to work with 203?

Can you just confirm to be sure? Open Pitool with the headset powered on and navigate to Settings > HMD. It will tell you at the top what Firmware you are running.

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Will tell you tomorrow.