2021 - Using Pimax 4k - How to get the best

After day, month, i finaly found a way to make my headset works good with my nolo VR controlleur :slight_smile:

First i thanks : @siegeupon ondiscord to help me to found the good configuration
don’t hesite to come discuss with us on pimax 4K and oufnd Help !!

First u need the Pitools 1.2.263 (the new version not works with Pimax 4K or get get very bad issue)

so that’s means u will never play on the Pimax launcher :frowning:
u can’t with the old Pimax 4K

si now this all u need to configure !


Hi pimax_fr,

Please click the link as below to browse the solution to this problem. We hope this will help you to fix it.

If the problem is not solved or any other issues occurs, please submit a ticket through the following link, where our technical support team will provide individualized solutions for you.


Thanks Bro

i wait to noloVR to send my my new controlleur (because mine is broken)
and i will play too many with it !!!

just need to wait and i will add all screenshoot of my pimax configuration to see all the best u need to ad to get the best experiance

The things is can 't get the last release of piplay because not working with the Pimax3K

Pimax stop update the firmware :confused:

but we have a way to play with it with good

wait and see …

And how to get the best,friend? I use my Pimax 4k with Nolo too…

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