273? Hello? only available after installing a screwed up version?!

According to this post, 273 has actually been released but is NOT available unless you go thru the hassle of getting the wrong firmware and reflashing with 272? What?!!! Seriously?!!

And then we’ve got this post:
" Our Pitool team is working on a newer version, and running inspections at the moment.
We expected it to be released by next Tuesday."

And it’s Friday… Hello? Anyone out there?? Whatever happened to keeping your customers updated?

Come on, Pimax! It’s been 5 years now and you still can’t get it together?! Wow! That’s actually amazing! Just… wow!


Glad I was able to stop at 261. It is concerning when they develop all this on-going hmd tech and they can’t get the software right after all this time.

This takes the enthusiasm out of the enthusiast,


Thats odd, my Pitool showed there was an update to 273 so I clicked it and it upgraded.

I was on 272 + FW 299(manual flashed fixed version)

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“But please buy our 12K, things will be different then we promise.”


So, I see I can update from x.271 to x.273, but because of all these reported issues I decided to wait. Why manual flashing mandatory ?

because Pimax included a botched 299 FW with pitool which will auto brick your headset. And only fix is to manually flash the fixed 299 FW

Interesting. In order to get my headset to work at all on 299, I have to flash down to 298, then install pitool 273 and let it auto-update. It “works” as in almost. Everything seems OK except the 1/3 smart smoothing is horrible and 90Hz mode on my 8KX also doesn’t work without flickering/fuzzy.


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