2nd 5K XR with one screen brighter. HELP

As title says. After sending back my XR to amazon last week because the left screen was brighter than the right, I got my new XR today and i noticed that the right screen is brighter than the other. BUT i believe when looking into completely black for a while the right screen becomes brighter and brighter.

Anyone with the same issue who can help me? Or do i need to send this back and give up on the 5k XR completely?

I’ve tried .249 and .253

SN starts with 201, not sure if there is 203,204 with XRs.

After around 30 minutes of using in pavlov and other brighter games then going back to a dark one i noticed that the “balanced” mode and “pure black” wasn’t black at all. The pixels were lit up even in the darkest places. I tried going to the brightest mode then back to pure black but didnt got black at all. This was on both displays and not only the right one now.

Update 2: After trying .144 (which didnt help). I waited for a while and updated to .253 again. I started a dark game and selected “pure black”, both displays were completely black. switched to “balanced” and the right half of the right screen stayed much brighter.

Update 3: Not sure if it really gets brighter or if it’s my eye adapting to the darkness and it’s the whole right eye.

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You know what. I think i’m done with pimax for a while. thanks for the tags though Helio. I’ll go with the odyssey+ with lighthouse mod. seems more worth it with the price tag difference when i only get issues with the XR.


Maybe @TheVRRealm might have some ideas as he has been reviewing the 5kXR.

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@zoyer I am not sure if you have tried playing with the settings within PiTool to fix the issue? May be this will help as you can manage each screen separately.

Also have you tried removing and resetting the cable from the HMD? Just in case the connection is slightly loose?


Yeah i tried but nothing works, even tried on my other computer. But doesn’t matter now, i’ve sent back the headset since it’s defective. Getting odyssey + tomorrow instead :slight_smile:

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