2x New SteamVR Base Station 2.0

These are genuine, brand new, never used and still have the front protective film cover.

They come with everything in the photos, including original power supplies, cables and wall mounts.
It’s worth mentioning that the power plug is European.

International shipping from Tel Aviv, Israel. Can ship via DHL, UPS or EMS, fully tracked & insured.

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May help if you post how much your looking for as a base price before shipping.

You might also note they are not HTC. They are made by Valve (as the label indicates) since they are 2.0.
Only Valve is making 2.0 bases as afaik.

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They were most likely built for HTC (Vive Pro), as these are of the first v2 design (still having the jack connector for the sync cable).

The later model is labeled “Valve” on the back and does not have the jack input.

You’re right. $200 USD each + shipping costs.

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I just copy-pasted the full product name from Amazon. If Amazon says HTC, who am I to argue :relaxed:


Not that I am shopping but one can order them for $150 USD ea with a warranty on Steam.

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The sync port is not active I believe. None are specifically built for HTC iirc. HTC also had these units when Valve first allowed 3rdparties to have there orders.

Not that I am shopping either, but in the EU, we are privileged to pay 159 EUR for one :wink:


Or we would be, if there were any in stock :smiley:


Thanks for the heads up! Saw the price on Amazon and went by that. Did not know the prices on US/EU Steam store since the website says the item is unavailable for my region w/o specifying price at all. I should have used a VPN to check.

At any rate, I’ll have to match these prices. They should sell eventually solely due to their low availability on the market. Or I can just keep them as backups for when my base stations die. Don’t even remember the last time I put on the Pimax HMD. I’m still waiting for a reasonably priced 3080/TI so I can finally run Alyx (or anything else for that matter) at a reasonable refresh rate.


What gpu do you have now that you can’t run ALYX? i can run it pretty cranked up even on my lowly 1080ti at 144Hz

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Don’t laugh…

(Drumroll) It’s a… GTX Titan X!
That’s the Maxwell Titan X, not even the Pascal one :expressionless:

I can hear you laughing!

My sympathies :laughing: oops tried to smother that laugh :grinning:

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