3 Ways to Improve Image Quality & Clarity of the Pimax 8KX

In this video I will show you guys 3 ways to improve the image quality and clarity of your Pimax 8KX. This should also apply to any other Pimax headset.


Thanks for this but can you clarify what you mean a little by ‘increasing the Render Quality parameter will increase the sweet spot’. As I understood it this parameter will increase the render quality across the whole panel equally.

I get it that this might then increase the ‘perceived’ sweet spot (because say a 50% increase in sharpness just outside the sweet spot may be ‘perceived’ more of an increase than a 50% increase inside the sweet spot - and so increasing the ‘perceived’ sweet spot. However, this is different than the sweet spot actually increasing which is solely, as I understand it, a function of the lenses and the positioning of the lenses relative to your eyes. I guess though one could argue that sweet spot is a perception anyway so what’s the difference. I’m now not sure!!

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Also, regarding your point about applying a new layer of liquid glass to your lenses, I thought people had been experimenting with using substances that actually take the top layer off!! I wonder therefore if you should take a layer off before you put a new layer on!! I’m not sure if it exists because I haven’t been following those threads too much but would be good to see some before and after through the lens comparisons of the various combinations of these techniques - anyone willing to donate their lenses to the good cause?!!

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I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I think most of the resolution might be rendered in the center. Either way, it makes the sweetspot seem bigger.

No, you should not be removing any layers from your lenses. This liquid glass is safe on the lenses. It is micro-thin glass that fills all the micro holes in the existing plastic or glass lenses resulting in a smoother and clearer experience.

Did some testing and was again blown away. The main thing was upping PiTool Render to 1.75.

I set SteamVR at 50% and my test app (Il2 BoX) at 30% on Large FOV giving a per eye res in SteamVR of 3404 x 2240 and there was a larger sweet spot compared to PiTool render of 1 at a similar per eye res.

I will try upping the app to 50% but on Normal FOV and see how performance is there but I am only on a RTX2080 so I can’t push the SS render to high. Objects were much crisper to view and Id though and I am using Nvidia 3D Sharpening in the Nvidia Control Panel which is also a good feature.

Using such values I hadn’t played with since the days of using my Pimax 8K (minus the Nvidia 3D sharpening).

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without wanting to take away the fun of experimenting. I think no cleaning and polishing, or software settings, make the current situation better in any way

Settled on SteamVR 40% and App at 50% which works well on Normal FOV and PiTool Render 1.75

Nvidia Sharpening at 1 in the 3D control Panel

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You might want to try setting SteamVR to 20% and then if you want PtTool Render to 2 (or keep it to 1.75 and enjoy extra fps). For some reason with the 8KX in native mode I find SteamVR SS just kills fps and adds nothing (upscale mode is different and requires high high Steam VR SS for some reason).

Edit: just read your last post that you keep the App at 50%. I always have mine at 100% (but as mentioned above with SteamVR set to 20%). Maybe SteamVR 20% with App 100% and SteamVR 40% with App 50% are identical!!

2nd Edit: the other thing is I’m totally used to Potato view. Because of the current GPU market fiasco I’m keeping my 1080ti for anther generation so thought I’d try Potato View and I now just love the clarity and smoothness I can consistently get with it. Using the thin foam (which works a lot better than the thick foam for me) Potato view still gives me a significant increase in FOV over my OG Vive (which I used with no foam so the lenses where practically touching my eyeballs)!! I don’t understand the stats saying that Potato is 8 degrees less than the OG Vive, because it categorically is not for me - I’ve tested and re-tested! My tests show Pimax Potato is about 4 degrees more but it feels a lot more because it’s less of a round image so you get much more corner vision on top. (Sorry, this was a bit of a digression!)


I can’t comment on polishing and cleaning but software settings make a LOT of difference - see bllitze’s and my posts above and test yourself.

Im here…
Allow me to formulate an opinion… this will take me about 7 minutes.

This sounds super-familiar… but someone made fun of me about this…

K so… You know how a mouse works in shooters?
YEah, you can render 320p (very low res) and its super-super fast.
As in: You could look behind you and its there IMMEDIATELY.
BUT… if you render at 8k the same game… it lags a bit, and the whole FPS slows down.
Same thing == ONLY: Your eyes are the “MOUSE”

So your eyes can look at the “right spot” to see and read, aye?
But the rest of your vision can be low res, (because youre not “reading” there.)

The solution is eye tracking
And compound rendering.

Just incase anyone stupid wants to troll… eye tracking can test focus too.

I’ll give your suggestions a try. Thanks.

I did a lot of tests on my system. these tests are only relevant for me and cannot be transferred to any other PC and do not help anyone else. at the end the calculated X * Y pixels count.

Testing can be replecated on others systems and I think a lot of people here still don’t connect that render target resolution in relation to panel native resolution needs to be taken to account here.

Certain resolutions, even lower ones, can look much clearer and crisper than others. Using a per eye vertical res of 2240 for me on the 8KX will look better than 2584. Fact is, end of the day, the panels can only show so much and SS needs to be in correlation to that for good image quality.

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It’s uesful!
Thanks for your share!

Thanks for this… setting up my 8kx this week… can you clarify what you mean by setting in app to 30%? You mean eg. if when running in pancake mode in the game it’s set to 4k (3840 x 2160)- you set that instead to 30% of that (around close to 1152x648) whilst making steam vr 50% of the normal 100% steam vr resolution whilst making pitool render a whopping 1.75? This will still have similar clarity to keeping in game at 100%, steam vr at 100% and pitool render at 1 but with a better set sweet spot? What is your steam vr 100% resolution set as it seems to change for me and when first set up 100% was way more than 3840x2160 for some reason (and not a 16:9 ratio either)… 100% steam vr resolution is still not 16:9 but is lower than what it first showed as 100% now for some reason and can’t tell you how that changed… thanks for any feedback

What GPU are you driving the 8K-X with?

Myself - RTX2080. These settings I find acceptable.

Fast fps
PiTool Render 1, Normal FOV
Steam VR Video 50%, App at 100%

Better image
PiTool Render 1, Normal FOV
StreamVR Video 100%, App 100%


PiTool Render 1.75, Normal FOV
SteamVR Video 50%, App 50%

Set IPD via the wheel to your measured IPD and all other settings normal, see how that goes. If you have a RTX3080 or higher - then double the SteamVR Video % (as you should be able to get away with it) x2 render performance over the RTX 2080.

This is a base starting point for you. For me, PiTool Render 1.5 and 2 make things blurry / soft image and not as clear as 1, 1.25 or 1.75

Hope this helps.

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