3080 Ti 12GB MSI Leaked

Maybe this one will be in stock. hahahaha lol.

12GB is better than 10 at least.


LOL, yeah that is definitely the joke of the decade…Pretty sure I’ll still be limping along with my 1080ti for the next year at least


Is it weird that super genious Steve from GN says 12GB is enough and scoffs at the idea that gamers need more than that?

I really wish he would dig deep and really analyze VR properly.


Hey, I am still on a 3gb 1060 and a 7600k because prices are so insane. It kinda sucks being older these days cause I feel like I got to enjoy radical advancement at really decent prices. Today, its all MEH.

I’m pretty sure the TI is just a 3090 with less ram and “cheaper” (in your dreams)


Last 3GB card I had was a 780Ti and it failed playing doom 2016 on ultra on my 3440x1440. It would pauae every 5 seconds.

Last nov i spent all my money building a custom ryzen 5800x pc. And I literally walked away from 3080’s and 3090’s sitting on the shelves at Canada Computers.

Now I regret all of it. If I could get my money back and do it again I would have just went with a prebuilt with a 3080 inside. It would have cost more or less the same and I’d have a 3080 right now.


Yea I had 2 gtx 680 2bg cards in SLI back in the day, ran super great at 1080p, but at 1440p performance would pause for a few seconds every few frames from running out of vram buffer.

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Haha its really puts into perspective how crazy it is to pour all this money into 2 “top tier for now” cards and crazy SLI contraptions just to play a game at 1080p

Really makes me want to relax a bit on my FOMO of getting a 3000 series card. One day we’ll look back on these days and wonder if it’s all worth it.

I pledged for a Yaw 2 motion rig with pretty much all upgrades instead of buying a 3090 - about the same price atm. Ludicrous.

Wake me up when the 4080Ti arrives, and I’ll upgrade my system in one go together with a new Alder Lake CPU which then hopefully will be quite a noticeable boost over my current i6700K & 2080Ti system.

At that time, and when the next few GPU upgrades occur, the motion rig still will hopefully be serving me well… much more bang for the buck.


You made the right choice. It’s funny I own a 2080Ti (a good enough card) and I almost bought a 3080 last week. I had a stock tracker notify me when Best Buy had stock. Had it in my cart and it timed out before I could cash out.

Then I found out about the Yaw 2 and now I could care less about a new video card until the 4090. Turns out I’d rather increase my enjoyment with the Yaw2 than a few extra frames and the same old experiences.

Sometimes the thing you want now, isn’t what you want most.

There wikl always be a new video card. Half price full motion rigs are rare.


Certainly true when it comes to upgrading computers.