40-50% improvment in 3 new VR games using DLSS

I know @hammerhead_gal posted something related to this here but it was closed for discussion so here you go. Discuss away…

Imagine DLSS could be in all games. Look at that framerate almost double in NMS!


and what about the RTX 3090?

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There’s also this thread:


Why is this process going that slow ? If NVidia wanted to convince consumers of their products they should a) push much more games to DLSS than they‘ve done so far at a quicker rate, and b) prioritize better - I mean Wrench is cool but honestly, how many users are actually playing that game ?! What about the racing sims, Elite Dangerous, etc., all those games with a much higher concurrent user number ?

But of course NVidia doesn‘t need to care anyhow, they could just stop all marketng effirts for the 18 months right away, will be sold out anyhow.

But it’s not nVidia who adds DLSS to games. It’s the game developers which must do that. Also, it’s not a trivial change to the game code. (It’s not a lot of work, but it does take effort.)


nvidia can pay or use other incentives to leverage developers into supporting nvidia features like dlss, and we’re encouraging nvidia to do just that since the user base screaming about it clearly isnt enough by itself to push these devs

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Is it not incentive enough that their games get 20-100% frame per second boosts if it is applied.
I cannot imagine many developers not wanting that, unless they are already sat at 4k 300fps.


clearly it’s not incentive enough, studios have a spreadsheet that shows the hours of dev time and expertise it would take to upgrade their engine and vfx to support dlss and weigh it against their cash flow and make the choice based on that. would love to see nvidia put their thumb on that scale. (separately, i’ve said the same thing about pimax getting their thumb on the same scale to get developers to fix the parallel projection requirement in so many popular games)


If it indeed is something the devs rather than NVidia have to perform, I would be even more surprised why it doesn‘t happen - you can imagine how much effort devs have to put in performance optimization of their game in general; and now Nvidia is handing them an easy way to squeeze out double-digit percentage gains.
Which dev would just pass given this opportunity ?

But I thought DLSS was related to have some kind of tensor-core assisted input, which required NVidia to upfront compute optimizations for the specific games, seeking to find game-typical patterns which the onboard tensor cores on the RTX cards could then apply in game to sort of short-cut or avoid unnecessary computing for little gain…

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And Hello Games did it… for FREE . Remember when they used to be the worlds most hated devs? They really have done us right.

Some devs like the everspace 2 guys can’t even budget enough to add VR at all let alone optimize it.

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Now if they could just add left handed support for the vr controls, like any competent developer adding vr support to a game that involves aiming.

NVIDIA says the first VR games on the list are Into the Radius (2020), No Man’s Sky (2016) and Wrench (2018). … Here’s what NIVIDA says about all three : … will discover a noticeable improvement to anti-aliasing, which greatly … For instance, at home karaoke machines on smartenmyhome a game with support for DLSS may render its native frame at DLSS 2.0 offers 4x resolution, allowing you to render games at 1080p while outputting them at 4K. More traditional super-resolution techniques can lead to artifacts and bugs in the eventual picture, but DLSS is designed to work with those errors to generate an even better -looking image…


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