5k+ Black Dot Pattern Thread. Post here with pics

Some do and some don’t, replacement units shipped out to backers didn’t have them.

So if this was the case, then all units received from now on should be without this? Bad assumption i know…

Nobody knows, they could recycle old units or switch panels again.

Seems very unfair that some have different versions of the headset (some with black dots some without).

I would (and will) be very unhappy if this was the case with my unit.

As a backer, i would expect that all backers receive the same thing. I do understand that retail version may be improved, that’s normal. But not the backers.

They should fix or replace the unit of those who have this issue. Plain and simple.


I stand corrected. I remember reading the post and the English was well written so I think I thought it was Kevin. Thanks for clearing it up…

Another day, another meme:


Just as a sidenote, they arn’t that hard visible on the screens of the pimax 5k+. There they are transparent and grey in color. I am still learning how to work with different graphic tools to imitate the effect :slight_smile:


Hi @Davebobman,

i know that there is a chance that what ever was decided to increase the contrast and sharpness actually increased it, but the black dots is the price they or better said ‘we’ have to pay for.

But at the moment this is only guesswork from our side, that’s why i am asking pimax to clarify it, see my question: About the Pimax 5K+ Black dots

The best outcome of this would be a side by side picture of an ‘with and without’ black dots displays and a clear visible difference in the picture quality, which justifies for everyone that it made sense to have the display with black dots.

Maybe someone, reading this thread, with both 5k+ can arrange it to post one here - so the neverending discussion will finally stop.

The only problem: at least i’ve spoke with one of those owners and he claims that there is no visible difference. And if this is true, then something is off.


i only found this About the Pimax 5K+ Black dots Replacement


I have the ‘limited black dots edition’ and even then there’s still a massive difference compared to other OLED headsets.

I might receive hate for saying this, but I much prefer the overall image of the Vive Pro and Odyssey+. The SDE, brightness and colors are much nicer to look at. The only advantage for me at this point is the wide FOV.

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You’re not the only one, I’ve recently seen a few reviews saying that the Pimax is not living up to the hype. On the other hand most reviewers are still of the opinion that they can’t go back to the Vive, etc. because of the FOV.

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Hmm yes, I guess most can only compare with the original Vive, and in that case it sure is a massive improvement, but I’ve also seen reviews from other Pro users which are let down by the Pimax.

For some use cases the FOV Is nice to have though. I like to use it for racing simulators for example, but for situations where color is more important (dark games/movies) I definitely prefer to have the better colors over the wide FOV.

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Its only a matter of time until we have a vendor which provides both. Maybe Pimax maybe Samsung (since they have the patent for the new headset with curved screen for wide FOV (mentioned on another thread)… They also have great panels…



I actually don’t think you would find anyone who would disagree that the Vive Pro and Odyssey+ have better brightness and colors or that the screens are nicer to look at than the Pimax headsets. The wide FOV is the big plus that the Pimax headsets have. Everyone may have different opinions on how much that plus may or may not outweigh the shortcomings of brightness and colors. For me, the 5K+ image is good enough that I don’t miss my Odyssey at all. The FOV makes up for it. I do look forward to an upgrade that will let me keep or even improve the great FOV while also giving me the colors and black level back though. I actually don’t find the brightness to be an issue at all.

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Hmm I think I’ll put my vive on nightmode, so I won’t be too much disappointed when I receive my Pimax in next September.

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I not follow forum for a lot of day, black dot replacement still be the policy?

When I get the first one which black dot from my friend, it easier to look than I thought.

Officially they took step back from their statement of replacing HMDs with black dots. It’s a feature to optimize contrast, so they say.
It was a problem of „lost in translation“ as Pimax said lately, the mean ‚replacement for dead pixels‘. So they mixed up ‚dead pixels‘ with ‚black dots‘…
At least, that’s what I know or read here within the forum.

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So you would like probably 5k BE with Oleds