5k+ issues with blocky pop-ins and black gradients

New to using a Pimax. I have a 2080ti, with index controllers and v1 basestations. Playing with normal FOV, mostly default settings in pitool.

I tried a variety of games out and I ran into 2 problems. The first one seems like most games have - weird blocky pop-in on the edges of my view. It’s very distracting. It almost looks like the games are rendering something from other scenes, but they constantly pop in and out as I move my head, taking up a tenth of the screen on either side. Even newer games like Boneworks had this issue.

I also ran into a couple of games that would constantly create a black straight line down the entire center of my vision, with a black gradient continuing to the right. This pops in and out as I move my head. The game Form was one example of this.

Any idea what these issues are?

Have you tried Parallel projections?

Also please list games. Some games have pop ins due to lazy programing not accounting for Wide FoV VR headsets.

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You can activate “Hidden Area Mask” in PiTools to solve this. But doesnt work for all games.
I hope programers will implement wide FoV for VR in their next generation of games.
Hello?! We are running on Pimax FoV! :slight_smile:

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Object pop-in/out can sometimes be solved by parallel projections, though at the cost of performance. But not always as some games simply might not account for such large FoV properly (using small FoV might possibly help in that case).

Black straight line I’m not sure. I had black rectangle in the center in some games (like VR mini bowling), parallel projections solved that issue for me.


Yeah, I don’t think either issue was parallel projection related as I did try toggling that on/off (is it necessary to reboot the HMD for this?). I assumed the blocks on the sides were just lack of wide FOV support.

I listed a game example for each but the stuff on the sides was literally every game I tried. I’ll list some more the next time I try. Are there any out there that natively supported wide FOV games at all? I assumed there would be by now since the Index’s release. Do most people just put up with this issue then in their games with the pimax/index?

I’ll try the hidden area mask setting.

No, but you need to restart Steam VR.

I don’t have games from your examples so I can’t check on those.

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Could also be Fixed Foveated Rendering regarding the blockiness. I needed to turn that off as it felt like I was watching an 8-bit version of games (exagerated… let’s say… 16-bit :grin:). I think because my IPD isn’t 100% yet so I was looking at the less detailed rendered part of the image.

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So this is happening to me with Steam Home. And almost every other game I try, but everyone obviously has Steam Home. No one else has this problem?

Doesn’t work unfortunately, blocks are still there. Textures cut in and out at the edges. I can see the “scene” behind the game, stuff just isn’t rendering right on the edges.

I should probably note that I don’t have this issue at all with the same system and an OG Vive, but the fov is obviously very different there.

I’ve only found 3 games so far where this doesn’t happen - Skyrim, Sairento, and the new Walking Dead.

Raw Data is unplayable, even with parallel projections on. Straight up doesn’t work, nothing but blackness and crazy flickering elements all over the place that can’t be interacted with.

If you enable parallel projections out should get rid of the pop in on the edges. Some games are worse than others, your fps will take a hit with PP I only enable it if I have to.


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