5K+ not recognized as plugged in after install

Updated to, the device power LED is now always blinking red/green/blue. PiTool does not recognize the device as being plugged in. Also did the steps to manually put the device into dfu mode. Tried to manually flash with the dfu tool and it cannot with error:
0 Device(s) found. Plug your DFU Device !

Target 00: Error Code: Unknown error 0x12340005.
Target: 00
Error Code: Unknown error 0x12340005.
TransferSize: 0
Request: (unknown 0x8C000000).
CurrentNBlock: 0x9975B611
CurrentLength: 0x766B14
Percent: 0

If I unplug and plug in the USB I can hear the disconnect/connect sound, but nothing is recognizing the device as being plugged in anymore so I cannot flash the firmware. Is there more I can try or was this bricked by the update?

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I was able to find which version I was on previously:, the firmware from that version seems to have been untouched on the device and reinstalling that version brought it back to life.
Is there a safe way to update PiTool to the latest version like certain incremental upgrades?

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