5K+ on laptop with DP to mini-dp adapter

5K+ on laptop with DP to mini-dp adapter

Using a laptop and connecting with a DP to mini-DP adapter. PiTools setup guide doesn’t recognize the DP cord is plugged in. Tricks/tips?



I was looking into a laptop and gave up do to how complicated this gets…

is your DP port 1.2 rated or 1.3 or 1.4? I have heard of people using 980 Tis which are definitely DP 1.2 and somehow work, even though they are RIGHT on the limit of bandwidth. I haven’t heard many laptop reports, but apparently 1070 laptops must work since sweviver has done it… Yet almost ALL new laptops are DP 1.2 still, spare lenovo legion and a few other brand exceptions. I’d think that depends on the iGPU, but i can’t get a clear answer on that as I’ve seen lenovo legions with 1660tis clearly sporting 1.4, while dells sport 1.2. Who knows.

Search for Mdp adapter on these forums, buy what people have used and confirm working, that’s all I can say. I was way too afraid to drop over a grand on something that cant use my VR headset personally.

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I have a 2060 laptop, the DP is 1.2, but the USB C is DP1.4 - I haven’t tried to connect via usb, but DP did not work.

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I have added Sweviver to your post. You may need an active adapter vs a passive one?

I believe he will have some better info.

I’ve changed 3 dp-minidp cables before found working one. Can’t say its mark, lost package.

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