5k+ Serial 203/204 Beta Firmware.. how big is FOV in 144Hz mode?

please update pitool to 258 because 255 not compatible with 144HZ

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@Heliosurge please update post to include link to 258 pitool because I cannot find it easily. Huge oversight :upside_down_face:

Hi Alex.liu
please look at my earlier post in the thread.

If needed I will test Alpha firmwares to correct this issue for you.


That’s nice to hear actually :slight_smile:

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258 was released prior to 5k+ serial 203/204 beta firmware.

Pitool\Release Notes only has Pitool Releases.

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After playing around with 144Hz “normal FOV” mode, i must say im very impressed! First i had to adjust Pitool “IPD Offset” from -1 to -7. Because of double vision offset, changing from 90Hz to 144Hz. @Alex.liu
The FOV is surprisingly good, i thought it will be tiny, but no it´s very good!
I felt in fast paced games like Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa, my eyes and brain was much less claimed. It felt way easier to follow the track.
My eyes and brain was much more relaxed, which resulted in driving round after round easily compared to 90Hz mode.
I think this mode will also help people with motion sickness very much.
The only downside of 144Hz mode is the smaler FOV compared to 90Hz “large FOV” but it´s still very good and i think a good trade overall.
Thank you and nice job!

CPU: i7 7700K
GPU: 2080Ti OC
Pitool 258
Firmware 263
Nvidia 442.19
Win 10 64bit
SteamVR 1.10.28



just so you know

that I have a 5k+ 204 (and I’m not lying).

and I’m with pitool 197 firmware 255

and I’m in 120hz wide large fov.

I’ve been testing the new pitools
without any success no large fov with 120hz and a lot of lags etc.

197/ 255 is the best for my 5k+.

tested and approved :slightly_smiling_face:

What GPU do you have?

i7 6850k lga 2011
rtx 2080 ti
32go ram

and my 5k+ is happy

Are you sure it’s really actually full fov though?

pitool is on large and in 120hz and on steam too

I don’t know what to tell you about the fov, but it’s big, not in medium, that’s for sure.
and it doesn’t lose height

I tested by reinstalling three times.
may be a bug, but it works.

with just a little bit of warp like in 90Hz.

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Check your steam render resolution and or can use @risa2000 hmdq program to check rendered FoV.

Hmdq can be found here

Ok , so I upgraded my PiTool to the latest version this time. And 144hz is still cross-eyed. There’s definetly something wrong with the profile. All other refresh rates (120,90,72) look fine.

If i drop the IPD Offset to -10 or -9 the cross-eye is gone

On 72-120 hz i can leave the IPD Offset slider in Pitool at 0 and the physical slider all the way to the right. (My actual ipd is approx 70mm)

but at 144hz i need to drop it to -10 and when i touch the physical dial it says my ipd is 64 (max dial to the right)


From what I recall, it will say “large” but it isn’t Pimax’s full screen real estate and had a bizarre cutout for the fov.

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People keep making a stink about the cross eyed thing but it’s an easy adjustment to ipd offset. I am impressed with this update, except for the catalyst which seems to only produce visual glitches amidst the performance boost. It does show promise though.

I took the test and it actually gives me a total fov of 143°.
120hz and 143° is already good for simu

bizare its large on pitool
and in the hdm I just have a tiny little black bar on the side that’s wide open.

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143 is just a bit bigger than Normal FoV in Hmdq.

Large 160 wide
Normal 140
Small 130 if mem serves.


Yeah, 143 is almost normal.

but in the helmet (and I know my 5k+ well since 1 year. )
I did the tests smal normal large

That’s what’s strange to me. The picture is full, just two little black bars,
not like normal fov.

I can’t take a picture to show you.

If I switch to pitool 248, for example, everything’s back to normal.

no 120 htz wide, fov patotos etc …

I’m staying with 197! :wink:

Maybe the fact that being in firmware 255 and pitool 197 creates this cool bug.?


yeah but you shouldnt have to do that. A bug is a bug and its beta software so we SHOULD make a stink about it.

Thats WHY they release the betas.