5k Super stuck pixel

so got a new 5k super, love it, and guess who got the best luck out of the bunch?
thats right, another headset i bought from them with a stuck pixel this time is their higher end 5k super, im currently running one of those pixel fix things on it will check back in 8 hours to see if its fixed, i really dont wanna have to deal with customer service, any other ideas on how to fix the stuck pixels? its a bright red dot in the middle of my screen

Unfortunately I believe other than a ticket you might be doing the only thing reasonable with the stuck pixel program.

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The same thing happened with my artisan when I first got it too, why do I get the bad luck XD

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The only thing we can hope for is improved quality check frequency between Suppliers and Pimax.

Hopefully they can get the customer after sales support experience improved to the level it needs to be.

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Oh I really hope they improve their quality control and their customer service
In the mean time
I’m going to run one of those pixel fixer things on my hmd for 24 hours, if that pixel isn’t fixed by then, I’m doing an rma

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sorry for bad image but heres what they gave me :confused:


We do suggest you file a ticket to our Customer Service, allow the technician to diagnose it.
If the issue is detected as unresolved, they will proceed with the RMA.
Please share the ticket # to us after you lodge the report, we will help you to follow up the case.


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