5k+ to 8K X - Base Stations arent tracking now that i plugged in the new hmd

Hi Everyone. I switched today from the 5k+ to the 8k x, and now pitool no longer tracks the base stations.

Does anyone know what needs to be done when switching headsets to the 8k x if the base stations dont show up?

EDIT: I changed the USB Port to another one i didnt use on the previous pimax, and the base stations started to track
Any idea why? Can i clean out the files from the previous hmd somehow?

I think it may be that the configuration file of the positioning board in pitool has not been changed to the new hdm board. You can ask domen to help you operate it. Now it is his working hours. You will receive his reply within one hour. And help!

I actually got it to work by switching USB Ports to another port. Then i switched it BACK to the original USB port i had the 5k+ on, and it started to work there also.

The only other issue I found is that the Display Port Cable seems to have a loose connection with the 8K X cable unfortunately. If it moves slightly, the signal gets knocked out and i have to readjust it. I never had this issue with the cables from my 5K+ headsets (i have 3 different 5k+ cables that were never loose in the DP port of my GPU)