5K XR black level different per eye

Well as the title says. Just got my 5K XR and notice how my left eye got another black level. When putting the black level on darkest setting they appear equal but then the black smear is waay to much then.

Any suggestion? I tried to download any older pitool versions but all links are down…

Pitool 144 is available in pitool discussion area. I have most from 144 forward

thx, do you have 180? cant find it

This may be related to physical differences in the two OLED panels. I see a similar thing on my old Vive, when displaying “black”.

The OLEDs need to be powered even when “black” in order to sustain fast response time, but at this low voltage they still emit some light, intensity of which may differ largely depending on the physical properties of the panel.

Never mind, I’m going to return it now back to amazon. Already been hell trying to change firmware versions, it’s working now at least but it’s defective so back you go where you came from