6800XT and Pimax

I just bought a 6800XT using a 5K plus… What is going on with smart smoothing? It looks horrible coming from a RTX 2080… Do I need to do something to make this work properly? I use DCS but I tried all games I have and the smart smoothing is very bad. You can’t play like that really… anybody with the same problem?



You can try to turn off the smart smoothing, as reported the SS is not compatible with AMD yet.

Smart Smoothing reported not working on Amd yet.

This might interest you

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Thanks for the answers. Does it mean Pimax is looking into this?

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I can imagine both Pimax and Amd are looking into getting more vr features working.


This is quite a true statement.


Tried this feature (openvr_fsr), quite impressive !

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Thank you Kevin for giving an official confirmation. With some of some of the current advances like 90hz working on Amd on 8kX is quite cool. Looking forward to even more gains on the Red Team



I had a 1080ti and upgraded to a amd 6700xt and can tell u smart smoothing is totally unusable for both. I couldn’t stand it. Played War Thunder and Project Cars 2 and 3 and while driving games are slightly better, i quickly just turned down the resolution instead. Its horrible and shaky, had 2 oculus rift and rift s before the pimax 8k+ and they were much better at it

I sold my 2080ti few weeks ago while prices were still high. Brought 6800xt which I kept it for few weeks and returned it. I ll wait for more price drops on 3080.

Paying.1350 for.6800xt was just too much for me.

I bought my 6700xt at the height of the crisis. huge mistake on my part. £750 plus 250 interest over 4 years :frowning: but I can use my 1080ti for mining all day and new 6700xt makes me 1.5x that but only when im not gaming at night makes me about £3 a day in total. £90 a month better than nothing :slight_smile:


Smart smoothing has always been absolutely terrible for racing sims or anything else with extremely fast continuous motion as it cause ghosting and blurring. Unless you have no other option whatsoever you should not use motion smoothing for such titles, especially as you probably won’t be bothered nearly as much by a lower frame rate. I run a lot of racing sims and I’m not bothered at all by fps all the way down into the 40s as long as I’m in a seated sim using my HMD, even though a low framerate like that would make me very sick in something like Skyrim. Try motion smoothing in a different kind of title though, and it can work very well, It’s almost impossible to even tell it is on in games like Skyrim VR, no ghosting, no issues whatsoever, just smoother gameplay if you can’t maintain 90 (or whatever your refresh happens to be).

I sure hope Pimax gets this working on AMD cards very soon. As soon as the Great GPU Famine of 2021 is over I’m investing, and I would very much like to be able to choose the best bang for the buck at the time, not remain locked to Nvidia (I’m really liking the additional video memory AMD includes, even though it is slower. Dedicated video memory is so important in modern titles. I’m already up against the 8GB in my 2080 super all the time.)