$80 for shipping of controllers for plan F ?!?!?!?!?

That is insane!!! For us australians thats $377! Another extra $120 just for shipping. Thats got to be wrong. @Matthew.Xu @SweViver @pimaxusa pleass tell me that the shipping price is incorrect.Screenshot_20191105-080357_Chrome

Furthermore it doesnt even tell us when its going to be shipped to us. What 3 days? Or 3 weeks? Or does shipping start at the end of the month or starts now,


Go directly to Valve. You can use Shopmate to buy them with a US address and have them forward them to you. Similar price, they actually will come soon and you’ll have a warranty that actually means something. You’ll also still get pimax controllers in 2022 to sell.
This whole ‘it’s a great deal’ is for pimax, not us. The great VR swindle.


You must be mad if you think these things are shipping to you in 3 weeks. You won’t be seeing them this year. That’s part of why I say go direct to Valve and have them in your hands in a week or so.

Thanks, have you personally purhcaeed them? If so how long did it take, did you have to get adaptors?

This kind of opportunity cannot be passed. Not only is it a lot cheaper to go through Pimax (even though we paid for the bundle already) but as Australians, we cannot buy Index products regardless. Best case scenario would be second-hand from an American consumer, but even then, shipping would be rediculous

Not yet. I’ve purchased other stuff through Shopmate and it takes about a week from arriving at the US warehouse.

So $AU270 more is cheaper?
Search Shopmate - a service run by AusPost to buy goods in the US shipped to US address and then forwarded to you in Aus.

Can’t we just get an option to get the base stations and index controllers at once to reduce shipping cost?
Since I burrowed base station 1.0 and vive wand 1.0 from my friend, I can’t utilise base station 2.0 until I receive my controllers.

While thats a viable option, i need controllers and basestations and valve doesnt sell that bundle. On top of that, ive already paid for pimax controllers and basestations (in the kickstarter bundle) so id rather pay a bit extra than pay full price for something similar to what im entitled to in the first place

But you’ll pay full price plus AU$270 by going through pimax. If you buy direct you’ll get them much cheaper, get them in about a week and still get pimax controllers to sell…just a long time from now.
I can’t help but think you’ll be waiting a long time if you buy them from pimax and you throw away $270.

Index controller and bsx2 is 579 from valve.

Pimax upgrade is $300 we pledged then 179 + shipping 80 for nz. Which is 559.

Am i missing something?

You get base stations either way, it’s only the controller that is differing. The controllers were $200 (base stations $150 and full bundle was cost of hmd + $300 so a $50 discount but that’s spread across all items proportionally, so maybe $10-15 less for controllers would be fair and not included in my previous figures).
So via pimax controllers are $380 minus that proportional discount so $365-370 + $80 shipping but Valve sell them for $280 with free shipping.
You may wish to donate some money to pimax for them selling us base stations with no supply agreement or agreed pricing with valve and getting stung by that, but that’s your choice. They could obviously do with some charity, they’re desperate for cash coming in and relieving themselves of liabilities currently.
But the controllers for Aus/NZ are US$180 more via pimax than Valve. Valve come now, pimax will send them in a pimax soon, and warranty issues are likely to go better with Valve.

I am so sorry, there have been many mistakes recently.

Please rest assured that the extra $80 will be refunded.

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Whoever is in charge of publishing the web store needs to go back to business school. This again is ANOTHER reason for people not to trust the Pimax company. And it’s so easy to avoid.

Plan F is the upgrade of the valve controller. In fact, you have paid for the shipping in the kickstarter period. You don’t need to pay shipping again.
If this happens to you, don’t pay and please let me know.
If you have already paid for the shipping again, please go to the helpdesk to create a ticket to ask for the refund of shipping. Thank you


The $80 shipping will be refunded? Does that mean when the site is working, shipping will be free?
If i recall correctly, during the livestream someone said the $179USD includes the difference in price as well as shipping. Additionally, the picture doesnt say “plus shipping” unlike the other upgrade plans

Indeed, as you said, we will need a lot of tests to pass before we can officially go online.


Yes, as far as I know, plan f doesn’t need to pay any more shipping.


Oh. That is nice. Thank you. I hope there will be no shipping cost when upgrade plans appear again.

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Thats amazing, so when plan F comes back itll purely be $179usd and no shipping. That is super significant as for australians it was $380 with shipping. Without it is $260 huge. Absolutely massive relief.