8k+ 110hz on .197 pitool

Do I need new pitool to get 110hz on 8k+ or it will automatically add new refresh rate?

And what’s the situation with new pitool for 5k+ 202 series so we can try 110Hz? Will it come this month?


Will need to wait and see. Now @neonrazor might be able to answer. In theory I believe this would be in the firmware or might already be implemented in both pitool and firmware.

Neonrazor has received his 8k+ already.


And I’ll be able to answer on Friday :slight_smile:


In new Pitool beta there is no option to choose 110 Hz. Only 90 or 72


Hi Greg,

The 110hz pitool/firmware has not been released as of yet. I presume you have a 5k+ serial 202?

Are you a backer or pre order?

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No. I have 8K+. Serial 206


Okay then might need to wait on a pitool release.

@PimaxQuorra 8k+ 110hz mode?


Hello Dan,

Yes. Please kindly wait for the next update on the firmware. Our engineers are working on this, to prevent any unstable Hz running off the headset.



Do you know when is the 110hz option will be available please?
Might be interesting if it get released before me 8k+ review.


As I mentioned in the other thread:
The latest 8KX and 8K+ firmwares (with 120/110Hz) are not yet released because we are currently testing them together with the panel vendors, to make sure the refreshrates are 100% stable without ghosting or other abnormalities. I suspect we will release it upon the days 8KX first batch starts to ship.

The refreshrates changes are always made in firmwares. PiTool automatically shows available refreshrates that are allowed by the firmware.


@SweViver I hope you are aware of my test results with the latest PiTool versions, firmware, refresh rates, and such…

Yes the 8k+ has 110hz capability. Just waiting on firmware release (still under testing)

If it is not yet available and 100% sure it will, they shouldn’t advertise it yet. No ?

Fair enough. Shouldn’t list it as a spec til released. Though I am sure they figured to have this released by now. One could also say on that same pic it should maybe include Dual Qhd upscaled to 4k. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

Time will tell but from what I see there, I’m expecting to see the release within one week. Otherwise it is false advertising to promote sale like I did myself by purchasing the 8K+ last week when I saw the tag that shows’’ tracking number supplied within 48hours…’’

Well we do know it supports 110hz just still in testing phase. @Alex.liu

I received my 8K+ Friday March 27th with firmware 255.260 and still no 110hz available.

255 is the newest firmware for the 8k+. 110hz firmware support is not released yet. Other 2 26x firmwares are for 5k+ models.

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