8k+ 110hz on .197 pitool

I have 8k+ and I can confirm. 260 is the newest for 8k+. I received headset already updated to 260

110hz for 8k+ and 120hz for 8kx is not available yet. It’ll be when 8kx will be released so maybe next month.


120HZ in development for the 8KX ?

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8kx will have 120hz in upscaled mode. 8k+ will have 110hz.
8kx in native mode will have 80hz.


Do you think the upscaled mode with the 8KX will have a better sharp image then the 8K+ ?

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I think it might due to being able to do 120hz.

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Damn I’m gonna have to buy one of those too to try it when they will be available… I’m gonna loose a lot of money with my 8K+ already on sale after 24h of usage.

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there was discussion about it in other topic.

Image will be the same. It’s the same panel and same input signal. Only 8kx has better chip.
For example there is no difference in sharpness between 5k+ 202 series 110hz and 203 series 120hz.

If you wanna use only upscaled mode then keep 8k+.

btw. is it Fanatec DD1 with Porsche 918 wheel?

Yes it is a DD1 wheelbase.

The wheel is the one they released for the black friday lime green stitching with alcantara and the universal Xbox hub.


That’s awesome! I wanna buy Podium but now I’m still using CSL Elite.
i don’t wanna do offtopic but let me ask you about your experience with DD1.
Did you try other wheel like csl elite or thrustmaster T500? Is it a big difference when you loose traction? I heard it’s easier to avoid spinning and DD1 is more sensitive.

I had G27 - G29 - CSL Elite - Clubsport V2.5 and now DD1.

Clubsport V2.5 do the job.

DD1 is so strong that it is hard on my hands and arms, they become tired after 15-20 minutes of usage and my FF is only set at 45-50%. I can feel a bit more details but it is not that much of a difference for suchba big step in price to be honest. Also when my force feedback is set stronger, I get slower laptime because things get harder instead to be easier.

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Thank you @NoFear99

I’m using only 40% FF on my csl elite. I agree with lap times, you wanna turn quick and easy, not wrestle with strong force feedback. Probably in DD1 I would have to use only 10% FF :joy:

Back to topic:
8k+ is excellent for simracing. I can’t wait for 110hz update. For me it’s better to use smart smoothing at 110hz and keep minium 55fps with high graphic settings and supersampling. But smart smoothing at 90hz is terrible for simracing. Lot of ghosting image. 110Hz is perfect and for me it’s better than 120hz. Difference is minimal or zero and I need only 55fps in smart smoothing rather than 60fps in 120hz mode. Extra free 5fps to use on supersampling :smiley:

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I agree with smart smoothing . I’m playing ACC in my 5k+ 204 at Pitool 253 and 144 hz mode. Aboslutly amazing almost no ghosting and stable 72/144 hz at large FOV. Also swithed my IL 2 and Dirt Rally 2.0 setting for 72/144hz . Its game changer in fast simulators. Lets hope 8kx will have at least 80 or 90hz in normall fov when mass production starts.

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You have a 144HZ mode with your 5K+ ?

What is your supersampling settings for the 8K+ ?

I did put the steamvr .txt file at 16384 for the max recommended resolution.

Tried :
Pitool at 1.25 + Steamvr at 170-180%.
Pitool at 1.5 + steamvr at 150%.
Pitool at 1.0 + steam Vr at 300%.

And the image is not as sharp for far distance object as with my 5K+.
Also the colors do not pop out as much as the 5K+ even if I play with contrast and brightness slider.

Maybe if pitool still had the backlight panel setting available like before it could do the trick.

I have RTX 2080 OC and playing Dirt Rally 2
Pitool set to 1.0 + steamVR at 200% 3936x3232. Normal FOV.
Contrast +2, Blue +1, Brightness -4
Gpu Catalyst 10.0 but only when smart smoothing is ON. When OFF gpu catalyst is 2.0

  1. 5k+ has minimal sharper image than 8k+. Upscaled to 4k makes image more blurry. The only better thing 8k+ has is almost invisible SDE (same as 8kx)
  2. For simracing is bettter to use nVidia control panel Antialiasing - Transparency set to 4x or even 8x. Huge increase in picture clarity.
  3. Thanks to Transparency x8 you can lower MSAA. Without transparency I need 4xMSAA. Now I need 2xMSAA and have more fps.
  4. Anisotropic filtering in nvidia control panel force to x16
  5. maxrecommendedresolution 16384 but make sure to check which steamvr config to use.
    To check where is your config:
    Press start -> type CMD -> open command prompt app -> run your vrpathreg (it’s in Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\bin\win64)
    I have steam on disc E so I need to paste line like this:
    Press ENTER and you will get CONFIG PATH location.
  6. I have everything on HIGH but I’m using smart smoothing so I need only minimum 45fps (90hz mode)
  7. I don’t see difference when I lower steamVR res and increase pitool to 2.0. I tried to keep same fps on pitool 1.0 and 2.0 with custom steamVR resolution but far objects had the same clarity.
  8. Backlight slider will back with new pitool. Probably when they add 110Hz mode.

yes ( 20 characters…)

When did you bought your ?

I bought mine july 2019 and it dont do it.

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Nov 2017 @ Kickstarter :slight_smile: Nov 2019 I had RMA and recived model 204.
Have you instaled new beta firmware ? 5k+ Serial 203/204 Beta Firmwareu

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Firmware finishing by 255.255 I saw the other day.

I think I already tried the version 263 but It didnt work out good and I had to revert back to 255.

Mine is a 203 version serial number.

The 144hz mode is doing good for you Yata ? How was the brightness with that new fimware ? You did not have a very dark and fade color ?

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