8K, 5K, 4K SDE comparison


I’m guessing the chromatic effect on 8k in the 8k v 5k shot is a result of the angle the shot was taken from? Im really surprised how good the 5k looks tbh

Do you know why there is this temperature color differences? occulus Vive and 5k have near the same but pimax 8k 4k seem more cold and a bit darker if you look the details at the bottom.

Thanks you for posting this image.

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Could you also show the image quality of an 8K X prototype running at native resolution in comparison?

I think that pic was taken with the old 5k displays ( Oled if i’m not wrong)

Let me ask the guy who took the photo tmr.


To my knowledge they don’t have any 8k x prototype yet.

In the kickstarter FAQ they state “Based on our comparison test, there is no obvious difference in terms of gaming experience between 8K and X”, so there must be a functional prototype good enough for image quality assessment.

The previous prototype headset used two HDMI cables, one per eye; with that I’m sure they were able to send the full 4k screen to each eye for testing.

Oh this is looking good and prow my assumption that 8K and 5K lens magnification factor is smaller than 4K/Vive/CV1.
Smaller magnification means smaller SDE and sharper image even on same PPI and PPD on display.

I highly doubt it. With that theory then they should be able to run the 8K on one hdmi

It’s like playing and seeing your image displayed on a nice art paper as opposed to a fly screen with the earlier headsets ))

It will be interesting to see how things look with native 4k input.


I want to see a comparison pic of what it looks like sitting in a F1 car (no windshield) looking straight ahead on any track in project cars 2 or Assetto Corsa. Im looking for what the far distance looks like far down the track. DETAILS! Not a close-up of a couple numbers. That isn’t what you are looking at while in VR. What can you see far down the track? What you have showed us above IS impressive and I am Very tempted to keep my pledge.

based on the dcs video they posted i have pretty good hopes for clarity of distant objects. i wouldn’t say no to more vids though XD

They focused on up close objects in the video. Definitely impressive. But I am interested in far away objects like in Elite Dangerous or Assetto Corsa. Not the cockpit but down the road or deep space. Where most of attention is while in game. Im sure the cockpit experience in the 8k will be amazing because its close. I am concerned with DISTANT objects. Not incredibly up close pics of dashboard numbers. It really seems like the fine folks at Pimax are not Gamers, and need some guidance as to what gamers are looking for. No offence intended. But in some games, far distance is what you are looking at. Im very impressed by Pimax’s more than willingness to bend over backwards for backers. Even through the last few days, I believe in this company and believe that they have learned from there mistakes and are desperate to meet the communities expectations. If they continue this course, i will be first in line for there next hmd.


You can do synthetic tests. For example

Setup a dual 4k panels with mipi board. Run image upscaled.

Setup 1 4k panel to mipi board so it can run full bandwidth to a single panel to have native 4k input.

The dual hdmi setup was not running 4k per eye. 2 hdmi 1.4b is about as strong bandwidth wise 1 dp.

In Fruit Ninja the castle off in tge horizon is in focus.

I know we want to see nicer games. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

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After better look at this picture they are not made under same conditions. 8K model pic is more close than others so this affecting on PPD and SDE presentation shown on that picture.
Compare size of the gauge numbers, larger number means closer zoom true lens what increasing size of the number but SDE should be more noticeable then will be in exact same position like it was o Vive and CV1 to precise comparison. More then 90% people don’t understand that and take this picture as granted and say there is no much difference.
In this case SDE is shown on 8K and 5K worse than it is actually and make it more closer to CV1 with less diference than it is in real usage.
Same goes to PPD as well.
I have to say that because even now some difference is visible but in reality is even better then this pictures showing us.

That sounds good enough for taking an 8K X comparison photo. When can we see that?

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the distant terrain in the dcs video looked pretty solid too.

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