8K+ and Windows 11

Over the last few months upgraded from a HP G2 to Pimax 8K+. I know some of you are going to say “not much of an upgrade”. The G2 was notably clearer but tracking problems and FOV did me in. Unfortunately the clarity and sharpness wasn’t awesome on the 8K+ but got it good enough after some tweaking windows 10.

My new pc is a beast with a pretty good Nvidia 3060ti. Decided to upgrade to Windows 11 yesterday and happy to report my 8K+ is now clearer and smoother in both DCS and Elite dangerous, i think it now looks as good as the G2. Very happy with the results now. Windows 11 seems great for VR right now at least with my setup. Anyone else experience this nice performance boost yet ?

My specs
z590 Asus MB
32 gig ram
Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe 4.0 Gen4
Nvidia 3060ti pci 4.0

I have a Quest 2 ,Pimax 5K+ ,Pimax 8k+ , HP G2

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Always skeptical of new Windows OS versions here.
If this is one of those rare occasions where it’s beneficial, that will be a nice change.

I felt the same way, but figured what the hell…My system was built for 11. Latest motherboard and parts. So results may vary. Been using Microsoft since MSDOS. When 10 came out it was full of driver problems…I normally do a complete reinstall but it went smooth this time. And again to my surprise VR seems to work very well with both DCS , Elite Dangerous and a few other steam games…I hope the clarity and VR performance isn’t a fluke. Hoping others chime in. Just for information…I run standalone DCS and MSFlight Simulator , the rest of my games and aps are through steam.

Yeah, been around since the MSDOS 2.0 days (actually earlier, but that was with Apple II’s, so…) as well. Well, here’s hoping! :slightly_smiling_face:

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