8k backers are getting screwed over

Yes you have made your presumptions without first hand experience known.

So either sell your pledge at a gain to what you paid. Or keep your pledge unchanged or switch.

You are not screwed with any of your options present. Your choice of a user name suggests yoy like to complain/troll.

Demanding options not offered just makes one look foolish.

Hardlight even sold consumer products @MarcoBalletta was one; whom was waiting for the sold but unmade wireless module.

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Yes, they didn‘t meet all the announced specs, so it’s a failure. And yes, you can maximise your profit from this horrible failure by waiting for the best moment to capitalize on this horrible failures market price once it is out there in the stores for a much higher price. What a desaster, I feel so sorry for you, I am really lost for words. You come over as such a sympathetic individual…

But then again, I see your alias, and can guess that trolling is a favourite passtime of yours. So enough attention to you from me for this month.


If the 8k-X gets released as a backer (not consumer) you might get that option as pimax said its possible. But not before during the limited 400 run.

LoL at all the ‘failure’ comments and loss of profits in the same sentence.

It is a kickstarter. My only ever KS backing and so far, I’d say it’s been a resounding success! Feedback from the testers have been nothing short of fantastic. And if you do decide to sell, you’re pretty much GUARANTEED to AT LEAST double your money! How is that not a win??


I personally don’t want upgrade to 8kx, simply because nothing can drive it.
I just want a better 8k that is ‘suppose’ to be superior to the 5k.

but in saying that, im probably will be happy changed to 5k+ seeing the MRTV livechat the german review guy tried vive pro right after 5k+, his reaction was priceless. I guess 5k+ is THAT much better even compared with vive pro.


My Gigabyte graphics card doesn’t meet max specs due to requiring all componets used operate at optimal conditions in an optimally running pc.

The 4k render with upscaling was not always as good either. With time it may improve significantly but one shouldn’t promote this as it will be.

The 4k model upscaled quality to see how good it is; requires a qhd rgb lcd to compare to. Lenovo WMR headset might be able to give an approximate idea.

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what I expect is to be able to use my 100$ towards a future 8kx.

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Although I am confused with which one should I choose at the moment, I am however calm and hopeful because at the same time i believe I am simply choosing between a Very GOOD or GREAT hmd.

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if they release the 8k-x in 2 or 3 years i dont mind waiting after the 400 run. but i hope pimax can give the option.

if x version will only appear in 4 or 5 years i prefer to have 5k + more the 100$. but my first choice its to waiting.

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to much complaining, if you don’t like it, sell your pledge. There are plenty takers.


Those wanting 8kx uprgrade for free or offering so kindly some 100 - 200 $ premium with getting loaner unit while they wait should really stop and think for a while.

How much do you really think would that Pimax cost and how much profit they would make on these pledges?

What would you say is the price of used headset, let’s say 1 - 1,5 year with associated wear - scratches (even lenses), bumps etc., not to say heavy porn usage :slight_smile: also substract the cost of the ageing technology. I don’t think many people would pay really that much, maybe 30 % - 50 % of the original price?

Then you have to account for costs to Pimax , shipping back and forth (I’m not sure about customs) etc., some people there need to handle it, lot of administration, refurbushing it etc. I think these units will probably go to trash, because it might be best from economical point of view.

The prices you paid for the pledges are lower than what’s necessary for Pimax to make profit - you helped to fund the project R & D. You had risks, but that’s the game, but now you want 2 units for that price (some offered 50 - 200 USD), are you really serious?

Pimax made that offer on 400 8kx units to make a good gesture, while knowing they make big loss there. If they made it with everyone, they could just go bankrupt right now.

Anything Pimax does is wrong in someone eyes. They offered 5k+ and people are bashing them for that. If 5k+ is better in every way, then go for it, you got the option.

From what I see based on reviews 8k is quite distinguishable from 5k+, it has better SDE, better colors, worse text readability etc. so it’s easy choice for me once the headsets are available for purchase as I’m not kickstarter backer. If you want more clarity, go for 5k+.

It seems people would be more happy if the Pimax didn’t do 5k+ :slight_smile: but I guess they found something to create drama about anyway.

I see here many reasonable people seeing this and commenting. But this 8kx for free suggestion plays on people wanting more stuff for free and lot of people fall for that and it’s full blown drama all over again. Especially when this came from MRTV, which I don’t quite understand his motivation behind this.

From my point of view, as I’m watching this project, and latest progress, reviews etc. it’s success in almost every way and I cannot wait for commercial release. The Pimax communication really sucks, but I don’t blame them they don’t communicate that much, because everything they say or do just turns to shitstorm here.

I hope the Pimax won’t get discouraged by many of the unreasonable demands and drama over here. If I imagine being in their skin, I would be probably really angry / disappointed when such great products (according to reviews etc.) and Pimax themselves are dragged in the dirt here in the forums again.

I didn’t have need to participate in all that drama before, but this is just too much for me now, when they clearly had delivered great products and I just had the need to put my put my two cents in.

// rant over

P.S. If you believed you could play anything besides Fruit ninja and similiar games on 1070, then the blame is on you in my eyes :slight_smile:


Yep, can’t agree with with this more.
I’m seeing a lot of comments from people who seem to fundamentally not understand the nature of kickstarter, you aren’t buying a final product with a complete known feature set, you are pledging money to a project that is not guarenteed to suceed. The risk is that the product won’t reach all of the goals set, the reward is that you should end up having paid less for the product than the eventual retail price.

5K being native and 8K being upscaled was always a risk, trying to demand 8K backers should recieve 8K-X for free or for less than 8K-X backers already paid is completely unreasonable.

They could’ve just kept the 5k+ under wraps and released it straight to retail.


I’m not asking for a free upgrade, that would screw over 8kx backers. I want to be able to upgrade,by paying, to the 8kx, like how now 5k backers can upgrade to 8kx or the fact backers are asking to buy more headsets. Make the loaner a kickstarter exclusive it never made sense in the first place.
I’m saying the 8k was a failure relative to the 5k. And that the 5k backers are IMO being catered to not the 8k backers because maybe not to you but a $100 coupon is useless to me. Especially when you consider they haven’t clarified if it is used at kickstarter prices or in their store.

Absolutely could not agree more about people needing to manage expectations.

I also think that people putting all their hope in the 8K-X are kind of missing the point of what at least part of the problem is.

We have two headsets that take identical input resolution and yet the 8K has much steeper Hardware requirements.

If the basic 8K unit has steep Hardware requirements when upscaling, what on Earth do people think the 8KX is going to need to run?


The 8k was a success. The 5k+ was a huge and surprising sleeper success.

Realistically they won’t even offer the 8kx upgrade, since that comes with loaner, as everyone would do that for a couple hundred, and end up with the ‘newer’ likely better -x in a year or two when there actually might be some hope of a graphics card able to drive the thing. It would be an incredibly generous and expensive thing to do, which would reduce their future sales. I would love to, and jump at the opportunity to pay the 200 difference for a -x upgrade knowing now what I do about the -x 8k and 5+, and take a 5+ loaner, but it’s just not realistic.

Being unhappy over the choice between the top two headsets on the market for at or below your pledged price, which share #1st and #2nd place overall depending on what you use them for is the wrong emotion.


Then it’s simple. Accept what is offered now. If you want a chance of upgrading to 8k-X later keep the 8k & hedge your bet on possible upgrade later. Just be sure to look after your 8k as it will be upgraded & not replaced.

People also don’t realize the 8K will get better. Rendering all those pixels at high frame rate is a very tall order. Over time the rendering will get easier, if they Implement some interesting optimizations it might not even take that long.

But yes, compared to the 4K, and all current headsets on the market, pimax has made something special.

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Try again you clearly didn’t read it.

Helio that’s my plan the problem is that the what ifs should have been dealt with by now.

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