8K+ dark screen, solved by restarting service from Pitool----but why?

So each day when I go to play something with my 8K+ the screen is dark. I restart the service from Pitool and then it’s fine. The next day…same thing. Has been doing this for a few months now. It’s a pain and I would like to get to the bottom of it. My PC is never shut down, just put it in sleep mode every night. Anyone know why?

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My best guess is that the USB ports are turned off in sleep mode and the headset doesn’t recover properly when the USB ports are re-enabled. There’s probably a BIOS setting which will keep the USB ports powered up, even in sleep mode.


It could be stuck in screensaver mode.

You can enable/disable the screensaver in PiTool.

BTW - Don’t leave the headset on while not using it for longer periods of time. If it’s still powered on when You put Your PC to sleep mode, long press the power button until it lights up bright red.

If it’s not powered on when You put Your PC into sleep mode, it means Your USB ports are not powered on in sleep/standby mode.


I have my pitool set to not start with pc; that means I can start pitool & HMD when I want. After playing I close pitool, and my HMD goes black then. No need to restart vr services 99% time.

As our doctor already said, do not let your HMD long time sitting down when on.



We suggest you to power off the HMD by pressing the button till red indicates.
So when your PC is in sleep mode, there will be no power supply to the headset.



Thanks everyone…makes sense.