8K mini scratches on lens

8K mini scratches on lens

So I have been using my 8K for a while now and I noticed what appeared to be a smudge on the upper left lens. Further investigation reveals micro scratches on the lens. I suspect this has come from my glasses. I use very small frame reading glasses and according to earlier publications, glasses will work with my headset. It even has the side cutouts in the face piece for the frame rails. If Pimax would have spent more time developing a comfortable face piece that held off the headset instead of smashing it against the face, this could have been avoided. I think the IPD issues would have been easier to solve as well. So, the question is will Pimax replace my lenses?


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The lenses can be popped out as per @SweViver’s first review. So it is possible lenses can be replaced with minor diy procedure.

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Highly doubt they will replace your hmd since you were the one to grind your glasses against the lenses, not them.

Pretty much every hmd requires precautions to use with glasses due to the fact that you generally want the hmd lenses as close to your eyes as possible, some designs do have a dial to move the hmd lenses further away from the face tho.

Other users have put silicone bumpers on their frames, thickened their foams, 3d printed stand offs or holders for corrective lenses to avoid the issue you have had.

Ive helped make lens holders that also holds the hmd a little bit further from the face to accommodate said lenses, Korgen here on the forum has improved on the design and has made another one, here is a link to them https://www.thingiverse.com/korgen/designs


IBM techs have a rule. If you say something logical you have to buy the coffee. :grin:


Are you an IBM tech?

On topic, I’d love if Pimax offered replacement parts. I’m sure something will fall the more I use my 5k, and while I don’t want to buy a new headset I wouldn’t mind doing some surgery on it.

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Well if you recall they did sell one member a 4k screen for his 8k when he damaged a screen; I think from a drop. So in theory they would sell other parts.


No, but I spent a lot of time with them as an ATM tech for the banks in common service calls. Bought my share of coffee. :smile:


Hello Madmedic941,

First, you need to submit a ticket to our support (Personal Support). Our technician will help you to diagnose the problem. Then if it was needed to replace the glasses, they will quote a price on it, either way if it’s still under warranty, we will make the replacement for you.