8K plus won’t stay connected to v2 basestation

I’ve been using a Pimax Artisan with a v1 basestation for the last year with no issues, I recently picked up an 8K plus and also purchased a new v2 basestation. For some reason the 8K+ headset will not stay connected to the v2 basestation, I’ve tried changing to multiple different USB ports, I uninstalled and reinstalled PiTool and it still won’t stay connected to the v2 bs for more than a minute. After screwing with it for a couple hours I put my v1 bs back in and the headset immediately connected and stayed connected. Any idea what might be causing it to disconnect?

thats great to read Duckfandan as I am actually trying to resolve, with pimax support, picture jitter on my Artisan with v2 base station. it stays connected but there is a significant jitter

I know that its not that helpful what I have written but I just wanted to let you know that there are some tracking issues of various headsets with v2 base stations or at least thats my impression after reading few posts here on forums. thats the reason I turned to pimax support and created support ticket

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