8k+ Review - Dreamwriter

My reaction when I tried Apollo 11: Holy crap!

Through the lens (from my phone camera):

It looks sharper than that in the headset itself. And no screendoor effect whatsoever.

Large sweet spot, no adjustment needed to get things looking sharp:

Amazingly, this is the best headset so far for my (admittedly narrow) glasses - I had 3D printed a prescription lens adapter with large lenses in preparation, but I don’t think I’m going to use it. And the comfort face foam really is a huge upgrade, very much worth it, it actually makes the default headstrap comfortable, at least so far. The foam is really soft, more than I expected. Tomorrow I’m gonna watch a full movie in BigScreen, we’ll see what I think about the comfort then. Oh, and zero light-leak for those that care - this is my first headset I can’t look down through the nose to glance at my watch or adjust the hand strap, there are no breaks in the seal. I tried without my glasses too, still no light leak even with the glasses notches in the sides.

Dislike: I really hate having to wear headphones with VR headsets, I can’t wait for the MAS (I have a Vive DAS on my old 8k). And it’s really hard to install the top strap, took me like a half hour to get it through the hole in the top, since you have to slide it forward and somehow make it curve up through the hole.

Any questions?


I haven’t gone back and tried my old 8k to compare, without that nothing stood out to me about the colors.

My PC is a fairly powerful gaming PC, though not top of the line. 1080ti, 16GB RAM, Ryzen 5 1600X. I had to lower settings in Hellblade for it to run at a good framerate.

I can read much of the text below the switches in front of my astronaut, not the ones in front of other astronauts

Everyone posts pictures of simulators or Skyrim. So here’s some more variety :slight_smile:

Vader Immortal

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Virtual Desktop (note: my screen resolution is 4k)

And just for fun: Somnium Space, a virtual world I own some land in