8K X Handtracking Module and DCS

Hi, since I play DCS and it supports LeapMotion I tested with my old Desktop Unit - it works, but the FOV is to narrow and its not easily attached to the HMD.
Reading this Hand_tracking module for DCS World?
and some post in the store brought me to the question of “status quo” of HandTracking with the Pimax 8K x

Anybody have the Handtracking module and used it in DCS? is it working as suggested or rather “flaky” as some point out?

@SweViver maybe you could check in a Video like you did with the other sim? Would be nice to see you again into VR
(if you have time, if rumours are true, then I know time is rare , I will have 5 in 3 weeks :wink: )


Hi @MReis !

Yes I tested hand tracking with DCS not long ago, and while it does work quite ok, I think the implementation in DCS is not perfect yet. Compared to the hand tracking integration in Flyinside Flight Simulator, I feel there is something off with the way hands are interacting with buttons and knobs. Its hard to pinpoint whats really causing this, but the integration just doesn’t feel as natural as it should, in my opinion. I guess they will improve it over time.

As for the tracking itself of your UltraLeap module, I recomment that you try the latest Gemini 5.2 software/runtime which is built on the new SDK and improves stability, precision and also the FOV of the cameras. Just install the package on top of your existing Leap Motion drivers you got from PiTool:


What is currently the best solution to get hand-tracking in MSFS 2020 ? Is there any ?

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