8K-X producing hardware event #144 when sent to stand-by via HMD's button

@pimax, @Alex.liu

I noticed yesterday evening, that when putting my 8K-X to real stand-by via the HMD’s button, I always get a hardware error event #144:

8K-X Hardware-Event 144

Even more curious, that event occurs only ONCE per Windows session, between boot/Windows LogOn and shutdown/Windows LogOff. Means: I can relaunch the 8K-X and put it back asleep multiple times during one and the same single Windows session, but that error #144 occurs only the first time.

Fortunately nothing more happens, everything works and runs, standard flat gaming as well as VR, no crashes, no BSOD or the like.
However, a bit curious, annoying and unusual, too.

I have updated the NVidia drivers this morning and played an hour of Elite Dangerous in VR.
When finished, I pressed the HMD’s power-off/-standby button - and once again hardware event 144 exactly at this point in time (I did a reboot after driver update):

So, this problem isn’t related to the graphics card driver.

Can anyone reproduce and confirm? => Reliability Monitor