8K X SMAS hinges need improvement· - can we DIY fix it?

files not yet updated, 1-2 mins more Ill post links here

I just redid the pong shape as it was quite ugly for me

so proportions is kept, 8mm width, 10.6 length

Now it makes perfect sense, as initially I thought you couldn’t put the hinge inside of SMAS cylinder, while dimensions were correct, so Ive updated all sources:

CAD: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/fc37eacb99e7b11e2a322105/w/a07aab2718f48f7bca448c96/e/941ae8a6d26472d6f4b638b7

Thanks again. I’ll try this later on when i have some time and report back but i do think we’re good to go now.

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Been doing it all day lol. I need a break! And i threw out the bad ones.


it proves the fact that not event hinge but the strap itself has other dimensions than variant that Mike got, so I would recommend if you have interest to finish yours & publish as other ppl with variant like yours also can have this problem & might wanna try your variant out.

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Is it still not perfect just do it my way. I posted this yesterday. you could make a mini adapter of the shape of the mas and a hole in it then you only need the hinge with a circle extrude and then you could turn the hinge 360 degrees. @BNP

if i understand you right that is pretty much what I’ve been trying to do for a not insignificant part of my night. it’s almost working. I may have a look at it again after work.


I hope that way will work so that there are no problems with the angle.

Hi, @drowhunter Thank you for asking, I have the plastic one. And I can see the confusion here, so I talked to my colleagues from the Reserch and Development department. Here is something that might be helpful. :hugs:


if you mean to use smaller diameter of the strap (not hinge) cylinder to not hassle with protrusions, then it will make default cap not working as it won’t lock the hinge & you need to do it manually.

another concern is that it will wear strap coz contact is too small for the protrusions while the weight I guess is quite significant.

another con is that if you don’t need to have it lower - it helps to mitigate cheeks weight problem + to keep tilting of HMD in some range during gameplay.

But it’s up to your need. I tried to do universal solution for strap variant as Mike has, apparently BNP has even another strap hole (with protrusions) diameter size, so I won’t surprize if replaced metals hinges won’t fit SMAS strap cylinder coz revisions have different sizes, they though obviously know it & will need to redo the hinge with another revision, or probalbly already have it done

sounds like that will solve the problem for those who read the forum, thanks.


i was making an insert to make the strap hole circular to prevent the sideways motions, it works with the cap, but it’s rather fiddly with my current design.

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I wondering if I will do second variant with your dimensions will you be able to print & test it on yours strap?

if possible please provide photo of the cap (lock side) + strap hole with protrusions, I remember you gave quite lot dimensions data, if you interested in testing & printing I can do it as well

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I don’t know if you could use the default cap in some way, but you could always make a simple cap.

sure, at work for another 7 hourish though.

I wonder if this will announced officially.

So we have official confirmation and pictures of what the problem was… @BNP See how drastic that angle difference is? I dont know how they missed that part lolllll