8KX 120hz Half-life test--- Nvidia 3090


This is impressive! When I first saw the announcement of 120Hz, I assumed it would only be meaningful for very lightweight games like Beat Saber because you’d never be able to reach 120Hz on dual 4K native with modern GPUs on more typical games. But here’s Alyx at 120Hz! Wow!

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Also having 120hz allows for 1:3 motion smoothing at 40fps, 1:2 motion smoothing at 60fps. The important question is does the duty cycle (illumination cycle) improve as a result? Seb mentions that the colors look better…perhaps thats why? I will receive Dmas next week, just need the beta firmware to test it out. Please Pimax in the spirit of pushing the limits release this formware beta ASAP to those that have the specs!

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Will send you once you can test it ~

@VoodooDE 's review;

@mixedrealityTV 's review on 120Hz

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