8kx audio not working

Hey guys… audio is simply not working. Nothing. Please help

did you try to check your windows audio settings?

  • correct output device selected (sometimes it changed to bigscreen audio stream, if Pimax USB unplugged before)
  • volume =0 or deactivated?
  • You can try the volume buttons on Your Pimax and look if volume control appears in SteamVR or PE. You should hear a ping if You change volume. If not, possibly wrong device selected in Windows.
    If You hear a Ping in SteamVR but the app or game is silent (I had that with Aircar) just restart SteamVR. Tell us if it works.

I only have 3 options.
Speakers (2-realtek high definition audio)
Zowie xl lcd (nvidia high definition
realtek digital output

None work or produce any sound and I have never heard a ping

ReInstall the driver. The Pi is - USB Audio Device.
You can also try a Other USB 3.0 Port.


Maybe you are having the same thing as I.

Try to (in Windows Sound Settings) not choose the Pimax headset microphone, and see whether the audio returns – It seems I can only have either or, between the in and out audio. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am gong to have to try to remove and reinstall all Pimax software, one of these days, to see whether that helps (I believe the issue began after I tried the eyetracking module - I dunno - maybe somehow USB somehings got idefinitely hogged somehow, or something… :P)


Other usb port made it work! However it is insanely low audio volume. Can’t hardly hear anything…
Also the cord is so short…

This is windows / audio driver related. You need to adapt in windows and have a decent volume like 50%. You should get standard sound quality via " # USB Audio Device"
Then care about SteamVR settings - Audio. system standard should work.

Play with the connector where it plugs into the left top rear of the HMD - pull it out, re-insert it. Worked for me.