8KX connection problem?

I just recieved my 8KX finally plugged it in and have not been abele to get it to show in pitool

I’ve restarted the sevice

and the computer 3 times

is it a usb power issue?

after clicking Diagnose i get this

but restart services doesn’t start it.

This is truly Plug n’ Pray


oooh drowhunter, you have been hit by the 8Kx startup issues like manu of us.
1’st try to only connect the USB3 plug (the blue connector) (preferably an Intel port) No this is not needed, but works best
2’nd seems like the PiService is not running, reinstall newest PiTool
3’rd try another DP port on your GFX card if needed.


You had other Pimax headsets before…

I’d uninstall Pitool first. Delete everything related to Pimax in the user folder as well. Restart.

Then install the new PiTool freshly. Afterwards, cross me three times, and plug in the 8KX.

May the Gods be with you


Are you running latest pitool? As noticed you mentioned running AW on pitool 261 or lower.

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ok i uninstalled pitool and reinstalled 261 and I was still getting the issue. Then after diagnose it said DP wasnt connected. so i unplugged it in reinserted and now its working

Thanks @JoCool @MrAhlefeld @Heliosurge

wait does this mean i can’t use my 5k+ anymore?

So out of the box this is the firmware

i will try installing 264 pitool now


Yes install the newest PiTool 264, and be sure to start Pimax VR Home and check out the Pimax Experience software that Sweviver and Artarmin has worked hard on. (and alot of closed beta testers have helped out with)

there is a Beta Firmware that will limit the refresh in upscale mode to 114Hz but makes it smooth AFAIK

Remember when powering off the HMD, do a looong press of the powerbutton, untill the led turns Bright RED adn the chevron turns off. This is “full” power off mode


PE isn’t included in .264, only (2.)084:

It will tell You that there’s an update but that’s not true (“updating” will get You to .261 - which I guess is latest “stable” release)… :wink:


Damn im getting old (or did they just release SO many beta’s) that I forgot which one they included it in :smiley:


Yes… :smiley:


I see what you did there… :crazy_face:
Sorry @drowhunter for messing up your thread.

But yes you need to use the newest PiTool preferably the one with PE included that DrWilken linked to.
The firmware can be found here

ohh and have FUN, hope your LH tracking will work out perfectly.
If not… join up here.


Every time I reboot my machine I have to turn the headset off and then on again before Pitools sees it.


You should be fine to be able to use both. However on my main vr PC for some reason the 5k+ only detects on a different dp than the 8k.

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Actually i was a beta tester on PE. Im still running 261 but the first thing I did was replace the pvrhome folder with PE 0.50

works like a charm. Now I can play Asgard and other oculus games.

Although if I want to try ET then i may need to upgrade. When did they add eye tracking to PiTool again?(version)

So I have a burning question. I know sweviver does all sorts of Magic Steam VR tricks to get the Pimaxes potential to be fully realized.

But what ove oculus games? Are similar tweaks neccessary? I’m asking because nobody else seems to ever talk about whether ocukus games are running as HQ as possible on an 8kX.

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Where did you learn this? Also why would they have a half powered off mode in the first place?



That’s really odd.

Anyway I’ve only had enough time so far today to plug it in & take a few glamour shots of the unboxing and stand in the golden heaven place at the beginning of Asgards Wrath. (It was breathtaking)

I must say the rubberized coating feels nice. I also like the way the chevron still lights up under the metallic finish.

Only thing that sucks is thay i have to re-pair the index controls to the 5k+ to switch.


I saw it somewhere in a post about powering down the headset I think so my guess would be it’s possibly either there or by coincidence (trial/error)… It’s pretty “normal” that long press on a power button means deep sleep… :upside_down_face:

I guess it could be a “standby” mode where communication is still possible but of course I’m not sure… Maybe it’s just the “default” behaviour of the power supply controller/board they used?


Sometimes it happens to me that Windows brings a message right after the start. that too much power is used via the USB 3.1 port of the 8kx. I can change the USB port of the pc and it make no difference. it’s definitely the 8kx usb3 plug. mouse and keyboard on an external powered usb hub on my desk.only the hmd is connected directly. when this happens the headset screen stay black and pitool don’t recognize it. if I unplug the usb and connect it again the headset start.

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The dimmer red light means no connection and is an error state, the brighter red light is power off which also switches off controllers otherwise they remain switched on always.


There might still be a way to connect to something (firmware), somehow… :upside_down_face:

Unless nothings available (we can easily verify that).

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@Lebois has also experienced this on his setup. Really need to get one of these 8kX setups with a usb power draw tester to see what it is pulling for volts and amps.