8kx custom clearance question

Hello Guys, My 8kx is prepared for customs clearance in EU and Today Fedex import agent asked me for the Incoterms code. What should I answer to them?

I want to pay VAT and duty but I have no clue what code should give them ? (FCA, CPT , or DAP or… ?)
And why I have to give them this code ?


Let me check later today with my colleague who does ex- and import in our company. Wanted to do that anyway with my 8KX upgrade hopefully to land here any day now in Germany.


So, here we are… the appropriate harmonized tarrif code for importing intothe EU would be:
8528 5210 000.

This describes a visual display that is indended to be used together with a data processing unit (A.K.A computer) and has no TV receiver, standalone media playback functionality whatsoever, which technically describes the functionality of a VR headset like the Pimax sufficiently and is free of aditional duties, only import tax/VAT. (A standalone headset wouldn’t)


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