8kx double visions not pp 6900xt


Pitool V1.01.270

Headset v2.1.255.296

SteamVR 2.16.10

Pimax VR Experience

AMD Radeon RX 6900xt (27.20.15003.5017) from pitools

Radeon software: 21.3.2 (released 26/3/2021)

To date, I have not been able to use this head set.

Issue 1

PiTool Diagnose

video protocal (Correct English = protocol)= unknow (Correct English = unknown)

Issue 2

My GPU AMD 6900xT is under utilised.

Beat Saber gpu 20%

Project cars 2 gpu 50%

Issue 3

I have double vision in all vr.


when I re center (move) the screen in VR all: icons, lines, text, have double vision. from 0mm (looks good) expanding from 0mm up to 3mm then back to 2mm then 1mm then 0mm

project cars 2

Parallel projection on

With only one eye, i move my head and a line (stitching on driver arm, trees, lamp posts, people) becomes two.

Not visible in the monitor.

8.0ms gpu ~50%

Just for a test: Parallel Projection OFF (not usable) close one eye. Same result. With only one eye, double vision when moving my head.

Issue 4

most programmes/games will not start from Pitool or pie experience

Issue 5

I have not received, part of buying package

Vive port games pass

beat saber (have my own)

half life alix (have my own)


Wrong headset stand: My controllers Index controllers do not fit on the stand. This sand is for Vive controllers.

Edit: added two pics; i could not add a photo from my phone.

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Thank you for reporting this issue to us.
Did this double visions happen before? On the previous Pitool version.
Did you log a report to our tech team?

Besides, we will ping @SweViver here, maybe he could give out some tips on this.


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Thanks for the reply.
i have only had the 8kx for a few weeks, and not had so much time to play.

i noticed this type of problem instantly, but thought i needed to fix some settings.
i had no real way to show it, discribe it or even understand it, until, i identified this easy to see and replicate screen.

This may be the only problem i am having, but it effects everything. or maybe i have more than one problem.

i have started a ticket, thanks.
Did i have this problem with an earlier pitool?
probably, yes.

i do not think it is a pi experience issue, as i have the same in other places.

i can tell you there is something wrong with my system: 8kx, drivers or settings.

i know some would say it is my AMD 6900xt, but that would just be driver issue.

I’ve seen that before, when the system cannot cannot keep up with the framerate at the requested resolution. You did not mention what CPU you have; it’s possible that it can’t feed the GPU sufficient data to keep the GPU going at full speed.

You also did not mention what is the final resolution you are using in SteamVR. I suggest that you reduce the “Quality” in PiTool (or Pimax Experience) to 0.50 and also lower the SteamVR super-sampling percentage to, say 20%, as a test. Assuming that the double vision goes away, try increasing those values, until you reach the maximum res without double vision.

You didn’t mention your FOV. You should try Normal or Small FOV, at least as a test. I have an i7 8700K, 32 GB, and RTX 2080. I have to use Small FOV to get decent performance with acceptable resolution.

In case you aren’t aware of this: CPU and GPU utilization is a balancing act and it depends on the particular game, since each app (and even each area within a game) has a different mix of graphic elements and computational requirements. Reaching 100% utilization for either CPU and/or GPU is not a reasonable goal. The only time I ever reach 98%+ GPU utilization is when the GPU cannot keep up and stutters badly. When the CPU or GPU utilization reaches a very high value, your performance is likely going to be inconsistent and stuttery. A better goal is >80-90%, but that’s not achievable on some systems or individual games (even non-VR games on a flat screen).

For best results in VR, you need to dial down your settings, so that you get acceptable performance in the most demanding areas of a game. I’ve had to tweak my VR settings for each individual game. I also use Process Lasso (to improve CPU core utilization) and MSI Afterburner (to overclock my GPU).


Thanks for the input and help.

CPU AMD R9 5900X 12 core /24 thread. The Pi Experience page is a low resource requirement page. Pretty sure CPU is no problem on that page and, I would have noticed. (I had better confirm that.) Yes, I have confirmed that. CPU 2%

During my tests I have been able to overwork GPU (not overclocked yet) and probably CPU. When I get close to thinking it is the CPU or GPU i will implement an overclock. But so far I am more interested in this issue than pushing the limits. So I have just turn down settings.

GPU maxing out would give stuttering. I have seen that.
CPU maxing out would give ???. well i though stuttering

In both cases, not double vision?

That is Pi Experience page, reasonably sure SteamVR has not started. But i get your point and I have confirmed.

yes done that,

No, still the same.

Just for sanity:
Clean boot. Only Pi Experience running (well there will be some background including Pitool), not opened SteamVR yet.
FOV potato, Quality 0.5,
CPU=2%, GPU= 26% to 45% @1300Mhz
Double vision

FOV large, Quality 2
CPU = 3%, GPU = 26%
Double vision

Try to explain the symptoms better:
I do not think this is a Pi Experience issue! I am only using Pi Experience to describe it. I believe I have this issue in many (all) places(software). Some times hard to tell.

Pi Experience looks great, clear in HMD.
Move around:
look clear, particularly from a bit of a distance.
I am saying you probably would not notice it, or put it down to something else.
Move around faster:
Double Vision in one eye. It is in both eyes, but you can see it in either eye, one at a time. I can see the double vision on my monitor too.
Hold HMD still, reposition Pi Experience settings page.
Double vision.
UI Scale (Size) maximum; much harder to see double vision
UI scale (Size) miniature; much easier to see double vision

If you have not seen the pics, I can have two or maybe three images at the same time (during movement).
It looks like the original location and the new location.

However, in Project Cars 2, I see the two images moving away from each other.
Project Cars 2 Description
PP=on. (so, yes this could be PP - That’s why Pi Experience is a good example) Tried pp=off (just to look from one eye, still there).
I look at the stitching on the drivers arm. Turn my HMD, but focus on stitching.
Stitching does not stay in the same place. Two rows of stitches are created, and they both move away from their current position. One, possibly, to the new correct position and the other, in the opposite direction, about the same distance. A bit like a mirror. They move slowly apart. Both rows of stitching look good, clear. Then they move slowly back together. It is not quick. It is very see-able. But less than a second.

OK, I think we can rule out the CPU. You might want to verify that no unwanted tasks are running (by using Windows Task Manager).

I’m not sure what causes the double image, but I’ve seen it when the fps is very low. It might be some sort of reprojection artifact (separate from smart smoothing). It goes away when the fps increases (at least on my system).

That is most unfortunate.

OK, that should be well within the capacity of your computer to handle. Yes, that is what I’ve seen too. I was quite surprised.

There’s clearly a problem, so let’s try to rule out some potential issues…

Have you tried using fpsVR? It’s a cheap tool ($3.99 US), available on Steam (and highly recommended). If your fps is less than 30 according to fpsVR, that is almost certainly why you’re seeing double. The root cause will need to be tracked down.

Have you run a virus / malware scan lately? If not, perhaps you should.

Try running this free benchmarking / diagnostic tool from https://www.userbenchmark.com/

It may help diagnose a problem with your system. For example, it discovered that my RAM was misconfigured. When I fixed that, I got a noticeable framerate improvement. (I forget exactly, but maybe 20%.) Be sure to read the online report and look for low-scoring components.

Here’s my system score, for comparison: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/41784948

It’s bedtime, but I’ll check back tomorrow and try to help some more. The one thing I can say is that I was able to resolve the problem on my less capable system, so we should be able to fix it on yours.


sounds like his machine use the iGPU.

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AFAIK there is no iGPU in Ryzen systems.

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Thanks for the input.
I confirmed my pc with other tests. So I did not think I needed to confirm with userbench

But when trouble shooting, it is best not the assume it is ok; it is better to know.

Here is mine:

Note: I have not tried to over clock yet! Well ok I did, but I have put them all back to default because of this issue. Both the CPU and GPU can go much more. But removing it for now.

Well my ram need a good over clock, but it is fine at 3600mhz

Not yet. Ill get that in a bit. For now I am using Radeon for FPS and steam for response time.

I am not really a virus type man. (I need to make that more clear). I have been using Linux on everything for the last 12 years. I am only using this pc for VR, at the moment. OK and user bench. Clean install about month ago, don’t surf the net, don’t install stuff
But just ran the Win checker again. All good, as good as win!

Again thanks for the input and support.
I just had Pimax ask for a video.

Wish it was that simple. By the way this cpu does not have integrated Graphics. And funny, it can kick out the fps.

Sounds like a driver issue to me

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yes that is what i thought.
but look at my drivers(see above) all up to date.

which ones do you think i should re install?

just update Radean from Windows (actual a down grade). same issue.
Then re installed radeon from amd, an update that Windows does not have.
updated headset firmware (sent by pimax), pitool, pi experience.

Maybe i should delete everything, and do a fresh install of everything? i am talking format the ssd and start again.
er, er, that will take a while.

Do you really think I need to rule that out?

ok, in his, i see…, but a 3400g are also a ryzen…with gpu xD
anywhere, AMD, not the best choice for VR

Just to be absolutely sure, you have disabled Smart Smoothing in PiTool, correct?

The overall gist regarding AMD GPUs is that they can be troublesome for VR and for Pimax specifically even more so.

Do you have a different VR HMD? If so, does it work fine?

What versions of PiTool have you tested so far? What fw versions for your 8KX have you tested so far?

What motherboard are you using and with what BIOS? What AGESA update? The x570 motherboards have major USB issues that become particularly apparent in VR and AFAIK are still in the process of being remedied.

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Thanks for the input and help.

Yes turned of smart smoothing, in about 8 places: pitool, pi experience, steamVR (though in the example i am giving StreamVR is not running).

There seams to be a lot of bias towards AMD graphics, but all i see here are people having trouble with NVIDIA. One maybe better then the other. But lets use evidence, can we?

No, sorry. My first one.

The last 3

The last two. just updated 3 days ago from pimax: Headset v2.1.255.296

In my profile, and part of the


Bios 2802
but there is an update:
Version 3603
2021/03/22 20.31 MBytes

"- Update AMD AM4 AGESA V2 PI Patch A

  • Fix USB connectivity issue"
    I’ll get that in a minute. Oh, update. Great.
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maybe because few people use AMD here :wink:

RX 6800 Poor Performance in VR - AMD Community

The Red Devil RTX 6900 XT versus the RTX 3090 (babeltechreviews.com)

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This forum is actually pretty fanboy-free which I really appreciate. Let’s keep it that way.

Regarding evidence: ask any VR enthusiast that has been in this area for a couple of years and they will tell you that AMD is losing considerable performance in VR in relation to how the compete in the 2D space. Of course this could be alleviated in future driver updates but as of now and for around 5 years, AMD has traditionally been weaker in VR than nVidia.

@Heliosurge might care to chime in as I gather he uses both AMD and nVidia cards.


Yes, if there are not many people using something, there will not be many good or bad reports. Although, as i was trying to rebuttal, sweeping statements against one, is called bias!

On your link, the last page says:
“Well I found the root cause of the problem just now…They are caused by the chaperone bounds showing up.”
and later:
“Turning off chaperone AND turning off both my monitors helped me.”
So they fixed that.

“It is great to see AMD delivering a card that is performance competitive with the RX 3090”
It says something like: 6900xt works fine, 3090 is better, 3090 is twice the price, and all before overclocking.

And irrelevant of all that:

  • I could not and can not buy a 3090 - well ok i could for four time the price.
  • I have a 6900xt, NOW.

Fair comment.

Lets not talk about there differences here.


Amd is an interesting creature. When the Pimax p2 series headsets released rx400, rx500 and Vega 64 cards didn’t work well at all. I had bought a 1080ti card; However still had my r9 390 8g card with I believe dp 1.2. To my surprise and my friend whom is very close with Amd the card work exceptionally well and very playable on both my 5k+ and og 8k. Other members here like @ludiks tested on a 1060 6g card while @fresco tested on a 980 card.

I have seen ppl I think on FB or Reddit report with amd 6800xt havin the 8kX working on 90hz native. Amd has proven they are quite capable with Consoles and such. But often very slow on launch with demonstrating performance.

We may indeed see some stronger stuff from Amd if they hurry up and release new drivers with anticipated features that have been mentioned. One of the nice things with Amd over Nvidia is multi gpu is not restricted to only top tier cards. I am hoping Amd gets back to a release like the hd7000 series card which had Nvidia Ceo pissed about the results on Ashes of a Singularity which at that time Nvidia was behind. My old p4k setup had 2x7950 3g cards; a single card failed to launch VR and rated red in SteamVR test; with dual cf cards I got yellow result with a sliver of green in some tests.

With the release of the Ryzen raising there game hopefully they can get GPUs back to when it was just Ati.

This is where it is important for DeVs also to focus more on open standards and agnostic libraries for making games.

I think like my old r9 390 8g card just need to have some patience for it to really shine once drivers are more mature and complete. If I had suspected how well the r9 390 would have performed, I would have waited on upgrading gpu.

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Not a long time ago Pimax headsets didn’t work with AMD gpu at all. Thats why I pinged Alex Liu