8KX Lenses WAAY to close to face!

First impression of the 8kx, before even turning it on, i can feel parts of the lens touching my face, and my eyelashes get bunched up… is this for real!!!

Unfortunately I suspect they are designed to be very close to face (perhaps one of high FOV tradeoffs).

For example with my anatomy of rather deeper seeded eyes and prominent forehead, I cannot get close enough to have wide clear FOV. The best picture I can get is when I remove the gasket altogether an try to press the lenses as close to eyes as physically possible (not a practical solution).

In your case, if you re too close for comfort and visual clarity, there should be easy fix. Use double sided Velcro under the face foam to make it thicker and push the headset further from face (I use 5 layers at the sides, none in front as I have narrow shaped head). You are probably in more of luck than I am.

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This thin facepad, which also leads to massive problems with the eye tracker, was only created after the loud community’s call. That is often forgotten. Fore some people it fits, for other not. The original, more comfy thick Foam make some Distorsions for some people, for some not, but works nice with the eytracker.

originally both foams were supposed to be delivered, but so far these were just words, why ever. Maybe a defiant reaction to the constant "give me this, give me that“
Now, the thin foam are standard.

Underlay Velcro or order a thick pad.
Old 10mm Vive covers also fit well.

This is crazy that I have to get crafts materials to modify the headset, or go purchase an additional item before I can use this “high end” / “premium” headset for the first time!?!?

This is really a joke product! I have the Go, Rift-S and Quest, ALL fit perfectly!!!

Guess i should not have strayed from Oculus, which at least for me was proven. What the good is field of view if you can even blink with the headset on!!