8kX Logo Screen Burn-in

I received my 8kX back in early August. I haven’t taken the time to come out with a review because it’s hard to put my finger on what to say. Regardless I now have an issue where the pimax logo appears to have burned into the screen; no matter what I play there is a faint white circle with the Pimax logo in the middle. I didn’t have this issue with the 5k+, and I’ve left the device turned off for quite some time and the problem still persists. Has anyone had this issue on their 8kX? I thought it would fade away by now.

You can try running this in desktop mode for a while to see if it goes away. https://www.jscreenfix.com/


I saw this a few weeks back. Hope it helps


Dang, this is concerning as others have experienced it as well. I’ll be changing my background when I get home tonight.

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Thanks all, I’ll give it a shot and report back in a couple days.

Hey all. I followed the instructions in the reddit post and it seems to have done the trick. That said I think some care needs to be had when doing this as it seems like you’re basically burning in a different image to even it out. I noticed that I cannot see the logo anymore which is great, but I think there may now be some “darker” spots if you will from the inverse stars. I have it on the pure black background now and while the last sentence seems concerning, overall the problem is effectively solved. Thanks again for the lead @samyrden. I would also recommend everyone replace the default pimax image with a black background instead.