8KX on Thunderbolt 3&4

Hi everyone, just wanted to drop by and report some good news. I’ve been in the process of consolidating all of my computers into a server rack separate from my office space. That left the hard part of figuring out how to get my 8KX to work with a long extension. Through a bunch of trial and error (and wasted money on stuff that doesn’t work) I came up with a working solution.

What I found was that I can run my 8KX over Thunderbolt if I don’t have any other monitors plugged into the Thunderbolt system. That means I run a single Thunderbolt cable and a DisplayPort cable for my monitor. This might possibly be overcome if I get another DisplayPort-to-Mini DisplayPort adapter for the video card to mobo input. Right now I run 1, but with 2 this may work. Waiting for that to arrive to test it.

Feeds DisplayPort video from my RTX 3090 into my mobo’s (MSI MEG Z590 Ace) Thunderbolt video-in port.

These Corning fiber Thunderbolt 3 cables are awesome. They’re not cheap, but they’re available in extreme lengths. My 15m cable performs flawlessly. This single cable carries video and USB data to my Thunderbolt dock at my desk.

Kensington SD5700T Thunderbolt 4 dock. 8KX USB plugs directly into this. I also have another separate USB hub for game controllers and keyboard/mouse.

Thunderbolt-to-DisplayPort adapter. The 8KX DisplayPort cable plugs into here.

This whole setup is not cheap. The biggest expense is the optical Thunderbolt cable. But if you need a long extension for your setup - up to 50m - then it’s the only way to go.


Update: Tested with this USB-C to DisplayPort adapter instead of the StarTech dual port adapter. It works great and it’s significantly cheaper.


Hi @AngryApostrophe

Thanks for you efforts, I have but one question

Does it work properly with the 90Hz option in the 8KX ? :grinning:


Good question. I hadn’t tested that since I only use 60/75 Hz. I was just about to walk out the door to the airport, but I gave it a quick try.

The cheap DP adapter said it was connected but just had a black screen.

The StarTech adapter had a picture that mostly worked, but had some flashes and flickering.

I’m out of town for the next week but I’ll try some more testing when I get home.