8KX overview. Through the lenses: 8KX vs Pimax 8K, 4K and Quest 2 (@Century)


In the spring of 2019 I received Pimax 8K, the pixel density did not suit me there, although in general this VR HMD format suited me quite well, despite the nuances with distortions, etc. The wide FOV definitely added immersion.

In November 2019, there was an opportunity to buy 8KX according to the “B + E” upgrade plan.
The 8K was sold right away, some funds were added, and an 8KX was ordered with Vavle Index … controllers and stations (the valve index package was received back in the spring).
In the meantime, I used Odyssey +, and more recently also Quest 2 (Reverb G2 was also ordered, but it was eventually canceled for some reason).

It’s been almost a year since checkout and I finally got the 8KX somehow :relieved:
(It was a long journey in fact, since Pimax also has problems with delivery to the Russian Federation. As far as I know, people still cannot get their 8KX here, and some are forced to order it through intermediaries in the USA).

8KX and Box


Clarity, detail and SDE.
I must say right away that 8KX surpassed my expectations in terms of clarity and SDE (in general I expected that 8KX would be at least no worse than Pimax 4K in this regard, and that would suit me already. But 8KX turned out to be better :slight_smile: )
This is the level at which I am ready to stay for a long time: excellent detail, no pixel mess, SDE invisible, high immersion, etc. :boom:

I tested, of course, first of all in Assetto Corsa, since the stumbling block for me in other VR HMDs was always insufficient resolution in autosims. With 8KX, now I want not to get out from behind the wheel :smiley:
I tried a bunch of other games - everything was good definition. I just wanted to walk and look at the details.

A couple of shots through the lens on the phone:

By the way, Quest 2 compresses the gaze quite a lot with a narrow FOV (about 90 degrees) even compared to Potato FOV (100 degrees).
Actually, that’s why I no longer have the desire to order and try the Reverb G2, I just don’t see the point, since with a similar pixel density I will always choose a larger FOV.

Refresh rate of displays.
I’m fine with the RR 75HZ. But I would also like 60Hz, 80Hz and 90HZ.

Colors and black level.
I can’t make any special mention of this point, because to me it looks standard in all LCD HMDs.

Desktop. My monitor (21: 9 / 3440x1440) easily fits into the field of view, where I can read everything. This is a very good indicator.

Video viewing takes 8KX to the next level with high definition and invisible minimum SDE. Movies are a pleasure to watch, all the details are visible. Very good :+1:

At the moment, I feel quite comfortable on small fov (120) in native 4K mode with 1080ti OC with the following settings: PiTool 1.0, SS SteamVR 70% (2640x2644 in SteamVR by eye).
Of course, I’m going to change the video card to RTX3080 + / 6900XT, and the processor to 9900K in order to achieve a higher FOV with adequate picture quality and stable FPS.

The quality of the case evokes positive emotions in the case of the 8KX.
It’s covered in some kind of hard rubber or something. Feels like a single whole (unlike 8K), does not creak, nothing like that.

The first time I was not able to fit the 8KX well on my head, because it did not want to sink low enough on the back of my head. I had to file metal hinges. After that it got better, but still I can’t always get into the sweetspot. At the same time, he is rather wobbly with fast head rotations from side to side.
But I tried the Pimax 4K strap option, which seemed more stable on the head, but more pressing on the face.

8KX - Pimax 4K Edition

SMAS sound for most games is quite enough for me, but for content with high-quality musical accompaniment, it is clearly not suitable. For example, Beat Saber, Pistol Whip it is simply impossible to play with such a sound. The roar of the engine in simulators is very weak.
Most likely I will replace it with DAS HTC Vive. But so far I was able to hang the Pimax 4K headphones and I love it ( Not very convenient though).

SMAS - 4K Ears

Foam for the face.
I really like this comfortable foam for the face, but, apparently, it is too thin. when the SMAS is pulled hard, I see distortion, I lose sweetspot.
When I loosen the SMAS tension wheel and move my eyes away from the lenses, I see well and clearly. I would like to get a thicker foam for the face.

The upscaling mode (114Hz) is significantly less clear, quite similar to the Quest 2, to be honest. And this is not bad, but after the native mode it does not look very cheerful.

Comparison through the lens of 8KX vs OG Pimax 8K vs Pimax 4K (Ultrawings game)

After a few days of testing, I wondered how great the 8KX is in terms of clarity and resolution compared to others?

Visually I rated it as the clearest VR HMD at a glance with the most inconspicuous SDE, it was wow :boom: I realized that this is it, exactly what I wanted in terms of the image.

I really wanted to confirm my feelings with actual comparisons with at least something else.

I remembered my comparison of OG 8K vs Pimax 4K in Ultrawings, where Pimax 4K destroyed 8K, I was then very upset about it. And from that moment on, I always wanted the same 8K, but with a pixel density not lower than Pimax 4K.

Based on this comparison, I made a new comparison through the lenses by adding 8KX and validated my understanding of 8KX clarity against others.

(Pitool 1.5, Potato FOV (100), steamVR 150% (8600K 4.9Ghz and gtx 1080ti OC)

What came of this:










I am more than happy with the result :beers:

Comparison through the lens of 8KX vs Oculus Quest 2 (Ultrawings game)

And I would like to present separately a comparison of Pimax 8KX vs Oculus Quest 2 (wireless via VD).
The fact of the matter is that the Quest 2 is really an outstanding headset for only $ 300, able to receive a high quality PC stream, giving out an excellent picture under these conditions.

And no, Q2 does not kill 8KX, of course, and indeed there is no competition here ( they’re just in different leagues), I would say that a headset like Quest 2 will perfectly complement your VR world, after all, it already has a fairly high pixel density (higher than wmr, Index, 5K + / 8K, vivepro, etc.). It clearly occupies its own niche and provides quality VR without any cable, it’s a miracle :star_struck:
I would say the Quest 2 is very similar to the 8KX upscaled in terms of clarity.

And of course, I was just interested in making such a comparison.

Staredown :sunglasses:

8KX vs Quest 2 trough the lens (Ultrawings)

All these comparisons were made using the camera of a regular smartphone. I do not pretend to be true, I was just interested to do it, as always :beer:
( To be honest, I would not have been able to sleep well if I had not compared the 8KX to others :laughing:)

Cons and pros

Pros of 8KX:

  • Highest clarity and detail
  • Variable FOV (100-120-140-160)
  • Almost no visible SDE

I would also like to note the improved software in the form of Pimax VR Experience. This is a very handy feature for me personally, developed by @SweViver in collaboration with @arminelec . All settings inside HMD are now controlled by controllers, even a mouse, or a gamepad. Moreover, everything has been done for people: everything is very conveniently configured and customized for their wishes, both for the helmet and for any games and applications. I know PE will get better and hopefully there will be a player for watching videos, it would be cool to watch movies without going into steamVR :+1:

And now the nuances 8KX

  • Quite a narrow sweetspot (at 8K it was easy to get into a sweetspot, but then you have to try. Either the optics were changed, or SMAS spoils everything, or foam thin).
  • Godrays are quite noticeable (at 8K I don’t remember that so conspicuous, but here they are hard not to notice)
  • The heating is quite high, it is hot inside (about 48g on top of the case in one place at the cable exit, inside the lenses there will always be 30+ degrees Celsius). But after a while, the face gets used to it.
  • Distortion and blurring along the far edges with wide FOV (here everything, like at 8K, seems to be uncritical for me, it’s all the far periphery, the geometry is generally correct, in my opinion)
  • Jitters (headset tracking is more oscillatory than others, 2-3 times higher than normal. This is sometimes almost imperceptible, felt only in a state of complete rest and immobility, which almost never happens in VR. Head oscillations are usually higher than tracking oscillations even in Pimax ). But that’s not good anyway. I believe that the number of sensors on the headset (especially in front) affects here.
  • Parasitic rendering at times on the edges (this was also in 8K. It happens rarely, it does not really interfere)

One of the shortcomings of my 8KX specifically is a slight light leak in the bottom left display. Uncritical, but the light comes from somewhere inside, against dark backgrounds there is a noticeable slight glow from the bottom left, something like a haze, otherwise imperceptible. But it can break immersion in dark scenes.
This shouldn’t be in a headset of this level.

And also - not the most convenient SMAS, which initially sat very crookedly due to the loops, which are made without calculating the lowering of the mount to the back of the head. After sawing the hinges, it became better, but still it is inconvenient, because also weakly fixes the 8KX on the sides, when turning his head, he can hang out from side to side, you need a thicker foam for the face, apparently …
In general, this is fixable, but I would like to get just a cloth strap, like in Pimax 8K (it was very convenient for me :blush:)
And by the way, I still haven’t been sent the cloth strap * 1 and face cushion * 1, which were paid additionally on the kickstarter.
I mentioned this after receiving OG 8K in spring 2019: I received a 8K headset, but I didn’t receive any additional accessories. (Cloth strap*1, Face cushion*1 )
I have not received an answer so far.


Yes, there are enough nuances, but which VR HMD doesn’t have them? The main thing here is that each headset can oppose. And 8KX can give a lot, although you have to tinker and adjust it to fit yourself properly, not only in terms of construction, but also in terms of software optimization for almost every game.
And there is no alternative to it for such a price. And the same StarVR for $ 3200 with a slightly wider FOV can hardly be better, given its resolution.
And moreover, there is no alternative to it, not only in FOV, but in terms of clarity, only one HP Reverb can compare with it.
As a result, we have the clearest headset with a wide FOV :boom::sunglasses::+1:
And I’m glad that Pimax made 8KX, despite all the difficultes.

In general, I stop at 8KX, this is my choice and I’m happy with it :pi_thumbsup:

Thanks :beers:

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My 8K review: Overview and impressions of Pimax 8K. VR 2.0 is already here. The wide FOV wins in all categories! (comparison with Lenovo Explorer / Samsung Odyssey, including through the lens) @Century


And now, in addition, the same comparison through the lens, but already 4in1 (Pimax 8KX vs Oculus Quest 2 vs Pimax 8K vs Pimax 4K).











Strange receiving the 8kX was the reason I ordered the G2. I thought the 8kX looked okay, but I need to know if there is better. I’m also having doubts about FOV being everything.

They didnt send you one either i see.

This is also a good alternative Link


It will be interesting to hear your impressions :beers:
My G2, unfortunately, was canceled due to the country of location (it was explained to me in the official answer).
But in our country, G2 will soon be officially on sale, fortunately.

Yes, there was only 8KX and SMAS in the box.
There was nothing else: no instructions, not even a lens cleaning cloth :see_no_evil:

( Silicon protective sleeve was purchased in advance on aliexpress in anticipation of 8KX )

Yes, thanks, the option is really interesting.
Maybe I can order one on aliexpress for $ 20.

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To be fair the quest 2 didnt even come with one.

Side note if you are ever having clarity issues with the X. Wipe the lense with a lense cloth. On at least 2 occasions i was unhappy with the clarity and realized after wiping the lens it looked went from looking like bleh to looking like stunning sharpness.


yes, I always use an old cloth from Pimax 4K.
A very handy thing: breathe - wipe it :beer:


Check the box thoroughly as some found the cleaning cloth was in the box but wasn’t easy to find. Thick foam is in the backer box if you haven’t given up stretch goals.


This is what I have done more than once :grin:
But couldn’t find anything else besides this bag of silica gel:


And I will not receive the backer box as used an upgrade plan with no stretch targets.
Anyway, most importantly, 8KX was in its place :sunglasses:


Eww never tell your guests you do that before lettimg them try it.

Edit: What am I saying I would never let anyone else use it.Too much hassle.


For guests I have Quest 2. And I breathe on it too, then I wipe it (but okay, I won’t tell them about it :laughing:).


Argrh i got covid in my eye hole!!


I think some may have removed packing materials but don’t quote me.

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Suddenly I improved the 8KX’s fit significantly by removing the rubber flap (between the lenses).

Initially, this thing interfered with me, because it got in the way on the nose and it almost got into the eyes. Therefore, I simply bent the flaps inward, but at times they pulled back, and they pressed on the nose a little when folded.

At first I wanted to shorten it with scissors, but then I pulled out the entire insert with foam for the face and saw that it could simply be removed. And here it became really good without her, the percentage of 8KX unsuccessful landings on the head suddenly dropped and tends to zero, and in general sweetspot and clarity improved :pi_thumbsup:

Now absolutely nothing interferes with my nose, there is a gap for peeping, everything is very convenient.

Before that I got into sweetspot with varying success (somewhere 50/50). And I even got used to the idea of ​​unsuccessful 8KX lenses … And I did not even realize that this thing could “knock down the sight” like that.
But, apparently, this flap, folded in half inward, created a support for the nose and, as a result, the wrong position of the lenses in relation to the eyes.
That seems to be quite a bit, but it was enough for an incorrect fit and, as a result, loss of sweetspot and clarity in any eye (more often - in the right, where the damper was thicker).

In general, 8K did not have this damper, I did not know any problems there with sweetspot.


Holy crap… RTX 3090 winner here for finally answering this question! :crazy_face:

I could not get an answer from anyone if they could remove the noseflap.

I need my nose gap to see things!


Yes, this is an incredibly nasty thing for me, which interfering with the nose and knocking the sight off the sweet spot…
I was happy when I took it off :star_struck:
Since then I have had a much better diving experience with the 8KX. And it became much easier for me to get a clear center area when putting on the headset.

If anyone has problems with clarity, I recommend removing this rubber shield.
And it is very convenient to spy on the outside world at certain moments :beers:


I’m pretty sure it’s not waterproof… :rofl:

Anyway, thanks for figuring this out. I’ll probably remove it too as I liked the “peep hole” + extra ventilation in the 5K+… :wink:


Yes, it would be nice to test it for leaks by running Subnautica and diving into the bathtub :crazy_face:

Glad it was helpful :beers: