8KX PiMax-OpenXR for MSFS 2020 - A must have!

Don’t know if they are talking about some game .ini, but it sounds like it is about SteamVR’s (…presumably still in use…) resolution cap, which defaults to 4096 in the longer of the dimensions of the frame. There is one “steamvr.vrsettings” JSON (…which overrides what is in “default.vrsettings” in the same directory), in the config directory of your Steam installation, and you may have one which overrides that, too, in your user appdata hierarchy.

    "steamvr" : {
        "maxRecommendedResolution" : 8192

thats what i mean… to late for my drunken brain, yesterday… :see_no_evil:
json, not ini

I’d heard about it before. I wonder if that’s still in use/in effect.

with steamVR? for sure
but it only matters if PP is used.

I tried it and was super smooth with MSFS & AssettoCorsa without steamVR. :+1:

ACC,NMS, ETS2,GoogleEarth,KartKraft output error codes.
"Failed to initialize libOVR:-3001"or other codes.

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You’re using the wrong OpenComposite (libOVR = Oculus which is the “legacy” OpenComposite). Make sure to download the DLL from the link I posted:

(see how it says “openxr” in the URL)


Also for ACC checkout the newer version 0.1.2. The older version 0.1.0 did not work with ACC.

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Thanks for the advice.
I continued to use the DLL I installed about 2 weeks ago.
After uninstalling everything, I downloaded it again and reinstalled Toolkit & Composite & DLLs & Pimax-OpenXR.

As a result I get another error in all games, even MSFS shows an error like it can’t detect OpenXR and it only starts in steamVR.

I have stopped testing now as it was difficult for me to determine the cause.

[OXRTK] 2022-06-09 02:44:23 +0900: OpenXR Toolkit - GA-1 (v1.1.0)
[OXRTK] 2022-06-09 02:44:23 +0900: dllHome is “C:\Program Files\OpenXR-Toolkit”
[OXRTK] 2022-06-09 02:44:23 +0900: OpenXR-Toolkit layer is active
[OXRTK] 2022-06-09 02:44:23 +0900: Failed to create bootstrap instance: -2
[OXRTK] 2022-06-09 02:44:23 +0900: Failed to query extensions

For people having issues, please follow these steps to capture detailed debug traces:

Capturing debug traces · mbucchia/Pimax-OpenXR Wiki (github.com)

(And update to the latest version 0.1.2 from the site)


Reinstalling PimaxXR-0.1.2.msi has made MSFS work properly. Thanks.

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Amazing to see pimax running msfs2020 without steamVR!

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New versions:


NOTE for OpenComposite users: some users are reporting major issues with OpenComposite in 0.1.4. However Flight Simulator 2020 is unaffected. Working on a solution now.

UPDATE: Have a fix for this issue on Discord. Will release a new version in a few hours.


Official PimaxXR 0.1.6 update that fixes the issues with OpenComposite: Releases · mbucchia/Pimax-OpenXR · GitHub

IMPORTANT: In order to use OpenXR Toolkit with OpenComposite, you must use the newer OpenComposite DLL from the official OpenComposite GitLab (make sure the URL ends with -/tree/openxr). Do not use the old OpenComposite-ACC as instructed on a few videos and/or forums, it will not work. That version is over a month old and is no longer maintained by the developer.

Files · openxr · Campbell Suter (ZNix) / OpenComposite · GitLab


Hello, I just wanted to say I’ve been trying this and it seems to work very well.
However, let’s assume for a moment that I am a dolt who knows and understands very, very little.
I have the OpenXR runtime selected, as confirmed by Steam Vr.
Do I HAVE to use the OpenXR Toolkit 1.1.3, or can I just run Steam VR as normal.
Because that is what I’m doing, and I may be imagining things, but I seem to be getting better performance in Project Cars 2 and 3.
Now, there is a new Pitool, new Nvidia drivers, and it is possible those are contributing to the perceived gain.
But I was hitting 60fps in PCars 3 quite often, where previously I was struglling to get to 30fps with the same settings.
Same sort of thing in PCars 2, I even went and turned on lots of bells and whistles in the graphics options and was still hitting 37-40 fps.

So maybe it is placebo effect and I am a nidiot and should run the OpenXR Toolkit 1.1.3 to actually get any benefit from this, I dunno. Any advice gratefully received.

u don’t have to use it, u can run just SteamVR. there’s a checkbox toggle on the gui of the openxr toolkit whereby u can toggle it on or off.

I played with MSFS with OpenXR-Toolkit1.1.4&PimaxXR-0.1.7&OpenCompositeRuntimeSwitcher(newest).

I did notice a slight improvement in culling at the left eye edge with WFOVHack.
When flying with Darkstar, the left edge flicker is really slight.

I continue to marvel at it. Just amazing. :clap:

I have also confirmed that ETS2 works with PP OFF.
I am very happy to have the option of PP on or off, although I need to adjust the eye offset and I do notice a slight distortion on the screen.
I will try to test other titles tomorrow.
Thank you.


Excuse me ignorance, i have read about use this with assetto corsa, euro truck, projet cars…

but, do thouse games use openXR? because a i don’t remenber that. In fact, i play assetto corsa regularly and never have seen anything about openxr

On the other had, thank you very much for give us this very useful tool!!!

PD: ok, i have searche and they are two diferents things, one it is this, the pimax-openxr and the other it is a special openvr modifed to use with openxr

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PITool, - are you using Pimax Home or Experience? And do you open Msfs in PiTool?


No, I typically launch MSFS2020 from the desktop icon. Or use the GoogleMap add-on and launch it from the add-on.
I do not use either Experience or Home.

PiTool is always needed.
Did you have any trouble?

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