8KX Production and Logistics Advisory

8KX Production and Logistics Advisory
July 27th, 2020

We have now produced well in excess of the total number of headsets to supply all of the original 8KX Kickstarter backers.

8KX Batch #3 8KX arrived and are going through the inspection and testing process. The process has been affected by all of the additional manual testing and care we are putting in to checking out every 8KX that is produced. Batch #3 will begin shipment Tuesday the 28th.
While we have produced more than enough units it is also our intention to ship out the 8KX backers’ devices by the end of this month (by this Friday) and begin shipping upgrades after we fulfilled the remaining backers’. Some have reported some missing accessories in the box and we have added extra checks to make sure each item is properly included.

We can also report the 8KX production ramp is now well underway and we fully expect to achieve significantly higher production numbers in both August and September sufficient to ship all existing orders.

Thank you,
Your Pimax Team.