8kX Review... (low effort) :)


So I just got the 8kX a couple days ago. It did sit in Shanghai for 2 weeks before being shipped because I guess I had to pay taxes on it (and I was never notified). Why the taxes weren’t taken out when I ordered it I’m not sure, but that caused about a 2.5 week delay in shipping, 2 weeks before I found out it was ready and a few days going back and forth with customer service to figure out the issues and get the correct amount of $$$ sent.

Now on to the good stuff.
My prior vr experience has been with the DK1, DK2, Vive, 5k+, Reverb Gen 1, and 8kX.
And 99%% off my VR time over the past 3 years or so has been in DCS and IL2, mostly DCS.

The Good:
Clarity, amazing, if not the best on the market, then its within margin of error of being the best.
FoV, Pimax’s selling point; the FoV is nearly the same as wearing typical sunglasses (on large).
The comfort kit is a great addition, works as advertised.
SDE is a thing of the past… I just can’t find it anywhere, even in bright environments. I think I can maybe see it? But can’t tell for sure, so I’m gonna say SDE is eliminated for me at least.

The Bad:
I swapped out the comfort kit strap for the vive DAS that I had been using with the 5k+, the comfort kit strap is really nice, but I found the speaker housing to be very intrusive while trying to wear my audio headset.
I ordered the deluxe audio, but it came with the standard audio, and… it sucks, no other way to put it, but I am a bit of an audiophile so take that into consideration.

The Ugly:
Still no automated process to find the correct IPD AND IPD offset… I still don’t know why after years this is not a thing. Its probably the single biggest improvement Pimax could make to the user experience, as opposed to the trial and error way of doing it now which for me at least results in lots of breaks, Naproxen and Excedrin, that is just not something you should put customers through.

Extra notes:
Please get some units sent to developers. Very few seem to even know wide FoV exists.
And please get some thinner foams sent out… the stock one is too thick for my liking.

Rig Specs:
i5 8600k 5.1ghz
32GB 3200mhz CL14
GTX 1080ti 2100mhz core, 5900mhz mem
3x Samsung Evo 860s


Thankyou for the poke will add a copy to Spotlight reviews.


Uhh, back to thick foams again? What the hell…

Yeah, pretty sure the 8K X I got two days ago has the thicker foam (it has the glasses cutout). I thought they had switched to sending out the thin foam, but it seems like they’re randomly choosing whatever foam the assembly person is closest to and deciding they’ll just send out the other foam for customers who ask. Quite perplexing since I imagine that’d cost them more in the long run.


Both the thick and thin foams have a glasses cutout. The thin foam’s slot stops short of the edge so there’s a ridge to block the light, while the thick foam is a complete notch from edge to edge.

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Good to know. I still think I have the thick one as I don’t notice a ridge. I also noticed if I squeeze my face to the cushion hard to get closer, the distortions on the edge of the screen disappear for me (which seems relatively consistent with other’s experiences).

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Bummer that you got the thick but good that the dist disappears when squeezing it.

Feel free to send a ticket requesting the thin foam, as mentioned here:


I did, they just told me they plan on sending them at some undefined date in the distant future.

Sorry for all the inconvenience caused you .

All the customers who just recieved one foam , we will arrange another mailing , but the time maybe a litte later, so thanks for your supporting !

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