8kX Reviews [Tubers]

Today I am taking a drive in American Truck Simulator and talking about the new Pimax 8KX. First off, I can’t thank the Pimax team enough for bringing me out to CES 2020 and then also letting me bring home one of the 8KX V5 production samples that we were using for the demos in the booth.
Flash forward a few weeks and I have now been using the Pimax 8KX now for pretty much as my daily driver for VR gaming and so far I have to say the experience has been good. This headset is a step up from any other VR headset I have seen to date… Including the XTAL demo that I received at CES. The clarity and lack of perceivable SDE in the screen and optics of the Pimax 8KX combined with the Wide FOV produces the most realistic and lifelike images I have seen in VR yet!

The build quality is also vastly improved over any other Pimax headset I have personally seen. The outer casing is rubberized and feels much tougher than my 5K+ did. Also on a personal note, I very much like the fact that the Chevron on the front was changed to metallic silver… This combined with the deep blue color and solid feel of the housing make the 8KX look and feel like a very premium VR headset!

Another great addition IMHO was the new Comfort Kit. The large brow pad and very soft foam combine nicely with the wider top strap and rigidity of the MAS to allow me to ratchet the headset to a good tightness that doesn’t feel like it is pressing into my face but also stays in place with fast movement. I feel like I can play for much longer periods of time now with this new comfort kit installed.
As for the MAS, the one on the production unit that I am using is not the final version but already shows great promise! It is nice and Rigid and does a good job of holding the HMD in place. The speakers are where it falls flat but again this is not the final version and I was told that this would be changed in the units that were shipped. Don’t get me wrong, the sound that I am hearing from this pre-production MAS is not bad and is even better than the Rift S or Quest at this stage but it does not compare to what the Valve Index off ear speakers can do.

The last thing I will comment on is performance… So far for me with the 8KX it has actually been pretty good. This is refreshing to me since I am running this on a rig that is technically below the min spec listed for this headset. Currently I am running this on an I7 7700K, Zotac GTX 1080ti Amp Extreme, 16Gb 3200mhz ram. I am happy to report that by just turning down the graphics detail in some games I have been able to run the 8KX in the native mode with no issues. I have also tried the scaler mode and this made it very similar to my 5K+ in terms of performance but I have to say… The graphics still looks amazingly sharp to me! With my current hardware setup I might find that I will be using this mode often until I can upgrade.

Overall I am very pleased with the experience I get from the 8KX. This is for sure a headset that I could finally consider to be a true VR 2.0 device! I just don’t see any consumer VR headset coming even close to what Pimax has created for a while. Thanks for watching the video if you did or for reading this wall of text… And stay tuned for more 8KX content in the upcoming weeks and months. Please let me know in the comments below if there are any suggestions for things you all would like to see me cover in this headset. []-)


NB: This is not the final version.

Hey everyone.

I typed out some quotes from MRTV (Sebastian) so you can see what he thinks of a pre-release sample of the 8K-X.

Timecodes below from Sebastian’s 8K-X unboxing video on MRTV Youtube channel.

1:00 “This does not come in the original Pimax 8K-X retail box”. <—’ Making sure everyone knows.

1:50 “This is one of the very first production model 8K-X, this is the final unit”. <— NB: a genuine error. Sebastian was unaware his headset isn’t the final version.

2:00 Without further a do, you’re going to learn way more in the final review, this is about unboxing this and having a look at what I got here".

2:10 “As you can see, not the final retail box, just came to me like this”.

2:50 “It was really well packaged to make sure it arrived in one piece”.

3.00. “The first thing you feel when you touch it, is it feels way better”.

3.29. “So for the very very first early impression, build quality seems to be way better than before”.

3.45"A nice comfortable head strap. That was missing before, a nice modular audio strap, but now we have this now".

4.20 “Way easier to adjust the headstrap than the Vive Cosmos, which actually was a disaster”.

5.18. “This is some sort of cotton material. Feels really nice, soft to the touch”.

5.38 “I already like this a lot, that you can exchange all these parts should you want to do so. That is for sure, really good”.

6.08 “This part is new (nose shield), so you don’t have light bleed. Way better than before. Also your nose has more space now compared to the old Pimax headsets. That is for sure a big advantage”.

7.38 “The Vision Comfort Kit is way bigger and when you try it, it’s very comfortable”.

8.10 “The USB-C port looks a bit better than the one found on the old Pimax headsets”.

9.05" “It feels so, so nice. It feels so good on the face”.“It’s really really very good, it feels very comfortable”.

9.10 “It’s just great” (The MAS).

9.35 “So far, the most comfortable headset”.

10.00 “I can tell you when you piut this on, this is the most comfortable headset that I’ve worn so far”. “And yes, I would say this is even more comfortable than the Valve Index, because it’s lighter and you have these beautiful materials”.

10.25 “This material is really comfortable and you have this cotton material in the back, wow. Very very nice comfort”.


10.59 My first impression? Amazing. Material is way better than before, it’s super comfortable and I’m looking forward to review it".