8KX significantly darker and lower contrast than Artisan

Had my 8KX for 2 days now. I hadn’t used my Artisan for a few months in anticipation of getting my 8KX. Then after trying my new 8KX for a couple of days and not being overly impressed (which I put down to only having a 1080ti for now) I thought I’d try the Artisan again and I couldn’t believe how brighter and saturated the colours were in comparison - and the Artisan is already a significant step down in that respect from my Vive. I’m not sure if there is a problem with mine but I immediately put a ticket in requesting either a replacement, repair or refund. There’s no way I’m paying what I did for something that is so dark and drab relative to their entry level headset!!

Edit: I estimate it’s about half the brightness of the Artisan. To get the same level of brightness of the Artisan I have to increase the contrast by 2 but this destroys all detail in the highlights. - And I can’t do anything about the saturation that I know of.


It’s because background light on native is set to 1. A new FW will come to set it higher.


Thanks for the quick reply Akuma540. That would be great if that was the case. I really wasn’t expecting there to be a firmware fix - I thought at best I had a bad panels and at worst it was the end of the Pimax promise for me! I generally only scan threads but I do scan most of them and haven’t seen anything about this. How sure are you that that is probably the problem and do you know if the new FW is imminent?

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Ahh, didn’t notice that one. Hope it’s out soon and it does indeed bring brightness and saturation to my Artisan level without killing highlights. Will be interesting how pimax respond to my ticket - that is if they state that this will indeed solve the problem. I thought the problem was probably due to not being able to get enough power from just USB ports - which FW would not solve!

I have to admit I was/am close to throwing in my towel after such a long wait and paying so much.

Edit, On thinking about it I’m a bit suspicious that this is the solution because they’ve had 8KX development models for over a year now - almost all of which have blown people away. How come this hasn’t come up much and not been solved by now I ask myself. We will see - hopefully quickly.

I’m sorry that I didn’t notice your post until now. I’ve been working on some videos. This one specifically addresses how to correct the brightness and blackness, as well as improve the colors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuddoRg9W5o&ab_channel=CaptainDaedalus
Please watch my other videos and spread them around.

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My guess is Pimax is more cautious about PRODUCTION firmware. The NOT FINAL 8kX I have (CES/Roadshow unit) has long supported some features, like 60Hz refresh rate, that I still cannot get with my PRODUCTION 8kX unit.

I can think of some very good reasons for such caution FWIW.

I guess they have more to do now, UI optimising, fixing bugs as blackout right eye, trying to get 90 HZ, adding backlight adjustment, eye tracking 120hz on usb2 and so on. Guess they try to add it all in one FW.

Or they are just being cautious. Think about it. Other users on this forum have experienced thermal issues, mura (which may be caused by thermal issues and such), and there are more serious problems I can think of that a bad FW update would cause, permanently.

I for one do not want Pimax to feel pressured into rushing out a bad FW that causes irreversible image quality degradation of any kind.

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