8KX Tracking problems after inactivity or after hiding HMD 30 sec

I got 8KX before 2-3 weeks. It is working good except after a few minutes inactivity my tracking is wobbling around, as I move head the picture is turning all over the place (too much, and late after my move). Like in a water.

In steam vr and pitool I disabled “pause HMD due to inactivity”.
I think Steam vr beta is a little bit worst, but it is same in normal branch.
Pitool and Steam VR were properly deinstalled after using my 5k+, with deleting all their folders, restart, and then installed again latest pitool for 8KX. Space calibration done in pitool and steamvr booth.

Why my tracking does not work after a few minutes inactivity? Or sometimes just after 30sec of loosing tracking when I clean my lenses?

I want to ask you guys first , before I go to support.

PS: It is annoying, especially in multiplayer when I need to check house door for a minute, then I loose my game and have to restart steamvr and pitool too.

EDIT: 2x Base stations 1.0, no problems before with 5k+ and older Pitool


I don’t know how to fix it but I had the same problem I have index controllers and usually shutting them off and back on a couple of times fixes or stabilises the picture